V Rising 1.0: Best In Slot Weapon, Armor & Jewel Guide

Time to attain true power and show the bosses how it’s done!

V Rising 1.0: Best In Slot Weapon, Armor & Jewel Guide

Ever wanted to be a Vampire? Well, you can be one in V Rising. You can get the game from Steam and if you are a console player, then it is announced to come to PS5 as well. The game lets you build a castle, take on various bosses and do pretty much what a Vampire does. The game has a lot of different weapons and armor sets that you can acquire and use. This guide will be telling you about the best weapons, armor and jewels you can get in the game. These will especially be required for the endgame.

Guide on Best in Slot Weapon, Armor & Jewel

As you are playing the game, you will come to know that certain bosses are very difficult to beat unless you have the proper gear. This is especially true for endgame bosses as they require you to have the best of the best gear otherwise you will have a very hard time fighting them. Let’s first start with the best weapons you can acquire.

Best Weapons

Weapon - V Rising 1.0: Best In Slot Weapon, Armor & Jewel Guide
Example of an Ancestral Weapon Shard.

To get your hands on the best weapons in the game, you will have to buy them from the Vampire Merchants and it will cost you 1500 Greater Stygian Shards per piece. If you do not know where the Vampire Merchants are located then refer to the image down below. Their locations are marked with arrows.

Weapon Merchants
Location of the Vampire Merchants marked on the Map.

What you need to look for with these Merchants are Purple Ancestral Weapon Shards which are of level 30. If you can not find what you need then wait a certain amount of time (mentioned in the Merchant Menu) and their stock will refresh.

Each Purple Ancestral Weapon Shard you buy for 1500 Greater Stygian Shards, you will get a random weapon of that category. And you also have a chance to roll a Legendary weapon. Legendary weapons are orange colored and they come with 2 Ability Modifications which make them really powerful.

Tip: Your goal here should be to get a Legendary weapon with stats that you like. But you should also keep an eye on the Purple weapons you get as they sometimes come with pretty good stats as well.

You can also get Ancestral Weapon Shards from bosses and Incursions as drop rewards. Once you get an Ancestral Weapons Shard, you need to craft it at the Ancestral Forge. You will require Onyx Tears and a corresponding weapon variant (such as Sanguine Whip for Whip category weapons).

How to get Greater Stygian Shards

Now that you know how to get the best weapons, you might be wondering where you can acquire the required amount of Greater Stygian Shards. Well, you can get them from Rift Incursions but you will have to grind a bit. The Incursions will appear on your map as the ones that are marked in the image below.

You also have a chance of getting an Ancestral Weapon Shard from these Incursions. So make sure to take advantage of these Incursions when they are active.

Rift Incursions marked on the Map.

Best Armor

The best armor sets in the game are the Dracula’s sets. The first thing you will need to do is acquire their blueprints which will let you craft them. To get their blueprints, you will have to defeat the following 4 bosses:

  • Talzur the Winged Horror
    • Level 86
    • Unlocks the following Dracula’s Gloves:
      • Dracula’s Dread Gloves
      • Dracula’s Grim Gloves
      • Dracula’s Shadow Gloves
      • Draculas’ Maleficer Gloves
  • Solaris the Immaculate
    • Level 86
    • Unlocks the following Dracula’s Boots:
      • Dracula’s Dread Boots
      • Dracula’s Grim Boots
      • Dracula’s Shadow Boots
      • Dracula’s Maleficer Boots
  • Adam the Firstborn
    • Level 88
    • Unlocks the following Dracula’s Leggings:
      • Dracula’s Dread Leggings
      • Dracula’s Grim Leggings
      • Dracula’s Shadow Leggings
      • Dracula’s Maleficer Leggings
  • Dracula the Immortal King
    • Level 90
    • Unlocks the following Dracula’s Chestguard:
      • Dracula’s Dread Chestguard
      • Dracula’s Grim Chestguard
      • Dracula’s Shadow Chestguard
      • Dracula’s Maleficer Chestguard

Note: Defeating Dracula is going to be very hard. But do not worry, you can get some really helpful tips for beating him by reading this short guide: V Rising: How to Beat Dracula Solo Guide (Update 1.0).

The locations of all these bosses are marked in the image below:

Armor Bosses
Adam the Firstborn (North), Solaris the Immaculate (West), Dracula the Immortal King (East) and Talzur the Winged Horror (South-East).

Tip: If you are having trouble getting the Dracula’s Leggings or Chestguard blueprints then you can use the Dracula’s Gloves and Boots in the meantime as they will give a set bonus as well. And this is much better than the previous tier armor sets.

Recommend Sets

Once you have acquired the blueprints, I suggest you craft the Dracul’s Maleficer set if you want a long range build as it comes with a lot of spell bonuses. You get the following set bonuses:

  • +10% Spell Leach (on 2 pieces of set).
  • +10% Spell Cooldown Recovery Rate (on 3 pieces of set).
  • +15% Spell Critical Chance after using a Veil for 4 seconds (on 4 pieces of set).

Or if you are going for a melee build then the Dracula’s Grim set will be pretty good for you. You will receive the following set bonuses from it:

  • Psychical and Spell Power increased by 1.8 (on 2 pieces of set).
  • +130 Max HP (on 3 pieces of set).
  • +10% attack speed for 3 seconds after using a Veil and your Veil attacks will also heal you for 2% of your Max HP (on 4 pieces of set).

How to Craft the Armor Sets

Now to actually craft the armor set, you will need a decent amount of Shadow Weave and Bat Leather.

Shadow Weave - V Rising 1.0: Best In Slot Weapon, Armor & Jewel Guide
Shadow Weave.
  • You can get Shadow Weave by combining Ghost Yarn and Silk at the Advanced Loom.
Bat Leather - V Rising 1.0: Best In Slot Weapon, Armor & Jewel Guide
Bat Leather.
  • You can get Bat Leather by combining Bat Hide and Pristine Leather at the Advanced Tannery.

Best Jewels

Example of Tier 4 Jewels.

In the latest update of the game, Tier 4 Jewels were added. They are far superior when compared to the older Tier 3 Jewels. They play a vital role in making you stronger. To craft them, you will need Greater Stygian Shards and corresponding Flawless Gems.

Note: Other than the information I gave above, if you want to learn more about Rift Incursions then check out this guide: V Rising: Incursion Events Explained + How to Get Stygian Shards (Update 1.0).

How to get the Recipe for Crafting Tier 4 Jewels

To unlock the option of crafting Tier 4 Jewels at the Jewelcrafting Table, you need to acquire Primal Jewels. You can get it by defeating the boss called General Valencia the Depraved. You can find her at the North Fortress Ruins which is marked in the image below.

She will also give you the recipe for Shadow Weave which is required for crafting the Dracula’s sets.

Tier 4 Jewel unlock
Location of the North Fortress Ruins marked on the Map.

And this is it for this guide, I hope it helped you out! If you want to get more familiar with the Blood mechanic of the game and how to adjust that to your playstyle then I suggest you give this guide a quick read: V Rising 1.0: Complete Blood Guide (Best Blood for Every Playstyle).


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