V Rising 1.0: Refinement Guide & Cheat Sheet

You might be immortal, but that’s no excuse to waste time.

V Rising 1.0 is a fantastic game, but the refinement process can be a pain without a proper “cheat sheet” of sorts.

It’s not always entirely clear which Refinement Station has which items or what recipes they need. The game simply doesn’t have a quick in-game way to check that, and running between all of the stations to check recipes is just not fun.

So, to make things easier for you, we’ll give you a quick rundown on Refinement and a cheat sheet with all stations and their recipes. We hope this helps you out in your vampiric quest!

Refinement Guide & Cheat Sheet

The Basics of Refinement

Refinement is one of the main types of production you can do in V Rising. Simply put, you use Refinement Stations to refine materials into different materials, which expands your crafting possibilities. Vampires are all about crafting in Vardoran, apparently! 

Anyway, we’ll be focusing entirely on all the recipes available at all of the various Refinement Stations. However, we’ll be using the default material cost in our cheat sheet. Remember, though, you can reduce material costs by -25% when you place certain Refinement Stations on floors that match them.

Advanced Loom as an example Refinement Station

For example, placing the Loom on a Tailor’s Floor tile will reduce the Loom’s material costs by -25%. It will also increase its refining speed by 25%, which is extremely welcome if you’re playing with the default settings!

Also, note that certain items have more than one recipe. In such cases, we will separate both potential recipes with a “/” symbol. Keep that in mind as you check out our V Rising refinement cheat sheet!

With all that said, here’s the full cheat sheet of all Refinement Stations and their recipes in V Rising as of version 1.0.

Blood Press and Advanced Blood Press

V Rising Promotional Gameplay Screenshot
  • Oil x6 and Fish Bone x2 = Fat Goby x1 / Fierce Stinger x1 / Rainbow Trout x1
  • Oil x10 and Fish Bone x2 = Blood Snapper x1 / Sage Fish x1 / Twilight Snapper x1
  • Oil x14 and Fish Bone x2 = Golden River Bass x1 / Swamp Dweller x1
  • Blood Essence x10 = Rat x4
  • Blood Essence x60 = Tainted Heart x4
  • Greater Blood Essence x1 = Unsullied Heart x4 / Blood Essence x200
  • Primal Blood Essence x1 = Exquisite Heart x4 / Greater Blood Essence x8


V Rising Promotional Gameplay Screenshot
  • Sludge-filled Canister x1 = Iron Ingot x1 + Mutant Grease x4 + Glass x4
  • Power Core x2 = Charged Battery x4 + Radium Alloy x8
  • EMP x5 = Iron Ingot x12 + Power Core x4
  • Copper Coin = Copper Ingot x8
  • Silver Coin = Iron Ingot x4 + Silver Ore x60
  • Goldsun Coin = Gold Ingot x4 + Silver Coin x40

Furnace and Advanced Furnace

V Rising Promotional Gameplay Screenshot
  • Copper Ingot x1 = Copper Ore x20
  • Empty Glass Bottle x1 = Glass x8
  • Sulphur = Sulphur Ore x20
  • Whetstone x2 = Copper Ingot x1 + Stone Dust x12
  • Iron Ingot x1 = Iron Ingot x20
  • Glass x1 = Quartz x20
  • Scourgestone x1 = Whetstone x4 + Grave Dust x4
  • Radium Alloy x4 = Sludge-filled Canister x1 + Sulphur x4 + Tech Scrap x60
  • Dark Silver Ingot x1 = Spectral Dust x4 + Silver Ore x20
  • Gold Ingot x1 = Sulphur x1 + Gold Jewelry x4

Gem Cutting Table

V Rising Promotional Gameplay Screenshot
  • Greater Stygian Shard x1 = Stygian Shard x12
  • Obsidian x1 = Gem Dust x20 + Radium Alloy x4 + Scourgestone x4 / Greater Blood Essence x120 + Scourgestone x4
  • Siege Golem Stone = Obsidian x8 + Primal Blood Essence x1
  • Regular Gem x1 = Crude Gem x4
  • Flawless Gem x1 = Regular Gem x4

Grinder and Advanced Grinder

V Rising Promotional Gameplay Screenshot
  • Stone Brick x1 and Stone Dust x1 = Stone x12
  • Stone Body x1 = Stone Brick x4 + Clay x14
  • Grave Dust x1 = Bone x64
  • Spectral Dust x4 = Scourgestone x1 + Ghost Crystal x32
  • Pollen x10 = Any Flower x20

Loom and Advanced Loom

V Rising Promotional Gameplay Screenshot
  • Cloth x1 = Leather x4 + Plant Fibre x8
  • Cloth x4 = Thick Leather x4 + Plant Fibre x12
  • Cloth x9 = Pristine Leather x4 + Plant Fibre x16
  • Coarse Thread x1 = Pollen x12 + Plant Fibre x8
  • Cotton Yarn x1 = Cotton x16
  • Wool Thread x1 = Coarse Thread x4 + Cloth x1
  • Silk x2 = Cloth x4 + Silkworm x4
  • Ghost Yarn x2 = Cotton Yarn x2 + Wool Thread x4 + Ghost Shroom x16
  • Shadow Weave x2 = Ghost Yarn x4 + Silk x4

Paper Press

V Rising Promotional Gameplay Screenshot
  • Paper x1 = Plant Fiber x4 + Sawdust x4
  • Scroll x4 = Coarse Thread x4 + Paper x8
  • Schematic x12 = Tech Scrap x40 + Scroll x16


V Rising Promotional Gameplay Screenshot
  • Plank x1 and Sawdust x1 = Wood x20
  • Plank x4 and Oil x1 = Hallow Wood x40
  • Plank x4 and Mutant Grease x2 = Gloom Wood x40
  • Plank x4 and Ghost Shroom x2 = Cursed Wood x40
  • Reinforced Plank x1 = Iron Ingot x4 + Plank x4

Stygian Summoning Circle

V Rising Promotional Gameplay Screenshot
  • Blood Treant x1 = Plant Fiber x80 + Stygian Shard x400
  • Blood Elemental x1 = Gem Dust x20 + Stygian Shard x400
  • Blood Harpy x1 = Scroll x4 + Stygian Shard x400
  • Blood Corpse Pile x1 = Bone x20 + Greater Stygian Shard x400
  • Blood Golem x1 = Gem Dust x20 + Greater Stygian Shard x400
  • Blood Witch x1 = Schematic x4 + Greater Stygian Shard x400

Tannery and Advanced Tannery

V Rising Promotional Gameplay Screenshot
  • Empty Waterskin x1 = Plant Fiber x20 + Leather x8
  • Empty Waterskin x5 = Plant Fiber x20 + Thick Leather x8
  • Leather x1 = Rugged Hide x16
  • Thick Leather x1 = Oil x1 + Thick Hide x16
  • Pristine Leather x1 = Mutant Grease x20 + Pristine Hide x20
  • Bat Leather x1 = Bat Hide x20 + Pristine Leather x4


V Rising Promotional Gameplay Screenshot
  • Skeleton x1 = Blood Rose x8
  • Ghoul x1 = Mourning Lily x12
  • Skeleton Priest x1 = Gem Dust x4 + Sunflower x24
  • Banshee x1 = Gem Dust x8 + Plague Brier x24

Vermin Nest

V Rising Promotional Gameplay Screenshot
  • Rat x1 = Bone x12 + Plant Fiber x8
  • Giant Rat x1 = Fish Bone x1 + Plant Fiber x12
  • Putrid Rat x1 = Grave Dust x4 + Unsullied Heart x1
  • Mutated Rat x6 = Grave Dust x4 + Sludge-filled Canister x1
  • Spiderling x6 = Fish Bone x1 + Mutant Grease x20
  • Mosquito x3 = Fish Bone x1 + Plague Brier x40

That’s the end of our cheat sheet, we hope it helps you with all of your refinement needs in V Rising 1.0!

Also, make sure to check out some of our other V Rising guides for even more help. We have a guide covering all of the Artifacts, what the best-in-slot equipment is, how to efficiently farm Blood, and even more!


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