V Rising 1.0: Adam the Firstborn Brutal Mode Guide

“The culmination of Doctor Henry Blackbrew’s brilliance…”

As an action RPG game, V Rising offers players a lot of challenges that they can overcome as they explore the gothic open world. You can also come across various bosses in the game that can provide you a lot of great loot. Many of these bosses offer an incredible challenge at Brutal Difficulty.

One such boss that can be a pain in Brutal Mode is Adam the Firstborn. He’s a very aggressive boss that will truly test even experienced players. So, we have prepared a guide that will help you defeat him, which includes preparation and strategies. Let’s get into it!

Adam the Firstborn Brutal Mode Guide

Adam the Firstborn in V Rising is really difficult as he is a Level 88 Boss. But the fight is worth it as you can get some amazing rewards from him. This includes the Dracula’s Leggings that are part of the Dracula set – which is the best armor in the game. Check out our Best In Slot Weapon, Armor & Jewel Guide to see how you can get the entire set.

Boss Preparation and Setup

Before you attempt to fight Adam the Firstborn in V Rising, we recommend that you first prepare for it. So, starting off, we’ll be looking at the spells that you should bring for this boss on Brutal Mode.

The three main spells that we recommend you bring for fighting Adam the Firstborn in V Rising are:

  • Chaos Volley
  • Chaos Shield
  • Raging Tempest.

If you don’t like Chaos Shield, you can also bring Blood Rite since the immaterial effect can give you a lot of breathing room against this aggressive boss.

Otherwise, Chaos Shield works really well as it gives you protection for plenty of time. During this time, you can eat up damage from the boss and punish him with damage. On the other hand, you’ll be using Chaos Volley to do damage from range when he’s a bit further away.

Raging Tempest will be your Ultimate that you’ll be using only when you see an opening with Adam the Firstborn. Otherwise, you’ll mostly be holding off on it.

Spellbook in V Rising.

Next, we’ll be looking at the Weapons you should bring  when battling Adam the Firstborn in V Rising. For the most part, you want to bring only pistols for this fight. Pistols are fast and can be used from range.

In Adam’s Arena, you’ll find yourself locked off by lasers that you’ll need to shut off by hitting them. These lasers can sometimes be locked off so pistols will allow you to hit them from range. You can also bring Slashers with you as they can be used to inflict damage when you’re close to him. However, for the most part, Pistols are the ideal weapons here.

Fighting Adam the Firstborn will be quite a challenge but we’ll get into the strategy next. We also recommend checking out our How To Play Solo Guide if you’re having trouble with V Rising when playing alone.

Equipped Pistol in V Rising.

Phase 1 Strategy

In his first phase, Adam the Firstborn will have a distinct slash combo where he does three attacks one by one. After each attack, a blade will dash ahead through the ground. In the third attack, he does a slam attack.

For this combo, we recommend that you dodge the first two attacks. Once he’s about to do the slam, you can do one of two things. If you have Chaos Shield, you can use it to block the third attack. After that, you can damage him as you’ll have a bit of an opening.

Using Chaos Barrier in V Rising.

If your Chaos Shield is on cooldown, you can dash into him when he does the slam. You’ll need to time this so that your i-frames will protect you from the damage. After that, you can damage him.

Rolling through Stomps in V Rising.

The boss arena in V Rising also adds another layer of difficulty. There are lightning towers all around the arena that will produce lasers. These lasers will divide the arena into small grids, forcing you to fight Adam within these grids.

As a result, you’ll have very less area to move around, which is why the Chaos Shield or Blood Rite can help a lot. When the lasers are active, you should shoot the towers so that you can deactivate them and make some room for yourself.

A good time to do this is when Adam has his shield up as you can’t hit him during this move. However, the towers can sometimes have shields on them too. In this case, popping a healing potion can work too.

Laser Towers in V Rising.

Be careful when you dodge into him as sometimes he does grab attacks. During these grab attacks, you should either keep our distance or strafe them. His grab attacks can be very damaging and can also throw you in a difficult corner.

Strafing Adam's grab attacks in V Rising.

During the fight, Adam will also summon lightning from above. These have very clear AoEs but can be difficult to manage when he is attacking you. So make sure you are always moving around so you can dodge them.

Dodging lightning attacks in V Rising.

Finally, Adam the Firstborn has a dash attack in his first phase that can be incredibly damaging. When he does this, you can use your Raging Tempest Ultimate to punish him. It offers incredible damage that you can inflict while dodging around.

Just make sure you dodge out of his range when the move ends. Otherwise, you might get punished in return. Do not use this Ultimate during his Shield as it will be a waste. If you’ve found this guide helpful so far, you might also like our Best Incursion Build Guide. It’ll show you the best way to deal with the latest endgame event.

Fighting Adam the Firstborn in V Rising.

Phase 2 Strategy

When you completely deplete Adam the Firstborn’s health in V Rising, he will get up for the second phase and regain health. Additionally, his arm will be replaced by a blue lightning arm.

Adam the Firstborn Second Phase in V Rising.

During this animation, we recommend that you deal with any laser towers. This will give you more room to deal with the initial Phase 2. Make sure that you do not stray too far from him.

This is because Adam does a Helix attack that can do a lot of damage from afar. So, make sure that you use a good mix of aggression and defense with Adam. Otherwise, he will punish you.

In Phase 2, Adam will have more AoE attacks all around the map. So, you’ll need to dodge around quite a lot more.

At times, he will also jump to the ceiling. This is actually good for you, as it’ll allow you to focus on dodging the lightning that comes from above.

Besides that, for the most part, the strategy will be the same as Phase 1. Just make sure that you do not get hit here as he’ll punish you more in Phase 2 than in Phase 1. Soon, enough you’ll be able to defeat him on the Brutal Difficulty!

Adam the Firstborn Ceiling Attack in V Rising.

That’s everything you need to know about facing the Adam The Firstborn boss on the Brutal Difficulty. Now that you’ve defeated Adam, it’s time to face an even harder boss in the game. Make sure you’re ready when about to face the infamous Dracula. Check our Solo Guide on Beating Dracula if you have difficulty with the fight.


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