V Rising 1.0: Solarus the Immaculate Brutal Mode Guide

He won’t be so Immaculate when you’re done with him…

Solarus the Immaculate is one of the hardest bosses in the Brutal Mode difficulty of V Rising 1.0, being a Level 89 V Blood boss. He’s one of the endgame challenges you will need to deal with, and he’s no easy fight!

Solarus is already capable of spamming projectiles like crazy even in Normal Mode. His Divine Angel add doesn’t make things easy for you, either. In Brutal Mode, though, he becomes even more relentless and he can lay down the hurt with every attack.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to deal with all of Solarus the Immaculate’s phases and attacks in Brutal Mode. Primarily focused on Solo players, too!

Solarus the Immaculate | Brutal Mode Guide

V Blood Menu | V Rising 1.0: Solarus the Immaculate Brutal Mode Guide

Before starting the fight, you should know that Solarus the Immaculate is a Level 89 boss in Brutal Mode. Make sure that your Gear Level is at least around 88 before facing him. Additionally, make sure to have a strong endgame build, such as our Axe build.

It’s a good idea to check out our guide on all the best-in-slot equipment, too!

Spell Setup

When it comes to spells, we highly recommend that you have two Barrier-type spells such as Chaos Barrier and Frost Barrier. They’ll help deal with Solarus’ barrage of projectiles, while also reflecting some damage back at him.

A ranged projectile spell is also highly recommended, such as Sanguine Coil. However, this is only if you’re deadest on using a melee weapon. The main issue with taking a projectile Spell is that you will be unable to have two Barrier-type Spells, which really comes in clutch during this fight.

With that said, it’s now time to break down the fight!

Phase 1 Part 1 – One vs One

Solarus swings

This is the simplest phase of the fight, thanks to Solarus having a predictable pattern of attack. He will first slowly swing his sword at you if you are in range, with him shooting buzzsaws from each swing.

The swings and buzzsaws are easy to avoid by simply dashing away from Solarus. You can dodge them with proper positioning, too. However, they count as projectiles, so you should ideally use your Barriers to block the buzzsaws and reflect damage.

Solar readies his Charge

As a follow-up to his swings, he will do his Charge attack. He telegraphs this attack by crouching slightly for a moment, so keep an eye out for that!

Successfully dashed through Solarus' Charge

Once he actually Charges at you, dash straight at him. If you time it properly, you will go through him unharmed. Don’t dash to the sides or you will get hit by Solarus’ projectiles.

Solarus uses Light Wave

After the Charge, he will cast Light Wave. He will summon two circles to his sides and shoot a barrage of light projectiles that form a sort of semi-circle as they move. You can most easily dodge this by staying in front of Solarus while keeping your distance. Additionally, you can use your Barrier spells to block the orbs and deal some damage.

Solarus repeats the pattern after Light Wave

He will follow up the Light Wave attack by either swinging his sword if you’re close, or his Charge if you’re far away. If he does swing his sword, he will do the Charge right after he stops swinging. Basically, just keep an eye out for his Charge.

Then, after the Charge, he will once again cast Light Wave and follow it up with another Charge. He will keep doing this pattern until he reaches around 70% HP, which is when he casts Luminance.

Phase 1 Part 2 – This is Luminance!

Luminance | V Rising 1.0: Solarus the Immaculate Brutal Mode Guide

Solarus signals Luminance by standing in the middle of the arena and yelling “This is Luminance!” He will then summon two circles which shoot 3 projectiles each. He will cover the arena with his light orbs, but you can easily dodge them by standing near the edge of the arena.

Avoiding Luminance at the edge of the arena

It’s important to know that Solarus is not at all immune while casting Luminance. This is why having ranged options, such as Sanguine Coil or Pistols, is so important for this fight. You can take shots at him while dodging the projectiles!

After his first cast of Luminance, he will simply return to the Light Wave and Charge pattern. If the battle goes on long enough he might cast Luminance again during this phase, but he otherwise doesn’t change until he reaches 50% HP.

Phase 2 Part 1 – The Angel Descends

Divine Angel Spawns | V Rising 1.0: Solarus the Immaculate Brutal Mode Guide

When Solarus the Immaculate is at 50% HP or less, he will go to the middle of the arena. He will summon the Divine Angel, which is a very annoying add when playing V Rising 1.0 in Brutal Mode!

The Divine Angel is unkillable during this phase. It will become immune to damage and regenerate health if you damage it past 50% HP. That means, you should focus on just laying down the hurt on Solarus himself.

Solarus will behave pretty much the same way he did in the previous phase. He will repeat his pattern of sword swings, Charges, Light Waves, and Luminance. You should be well accustomed to it by now. The only change is that the Divine Angel is here to attack you as well!

Divine Angel's thrust attack

The first thing the Divine Angel can do is a short swiping combo with its spear. It will swipe twice to the sides, then thrust with the spear. Watch out for the thrust, because it shoots light spears in front of the Divine Angel.

Divine Angel's Charge

The Divine Angel also has a charge, similar to Solarus’ but without any projectiles to the sides. However, it’s also quicker and has a much faster start-up time. Watch out for when you notice the angel assume a charging pose.

Divine Angel's Spear Rain

Another trick up the Divine Angel’s sleeve is the Spear Rain. This attack is signaled by red circles on the ground. Stay clear of the circles before the spears fall down and you’ll be fine.

Divine Angel's Light Orbs

Lastly, the Divine Angel can just stand in place and fire slow-moving light orbs at you. It doesn’t shoot many orbs and they’re slow, but they explode after they travel for a short while. You can block them with your Barriers, however.

Phase 2 Part 2 – Solarus Becomes Immortal

Solarus Shielded Up | V Rising 1.0: Solarus the Immaculate Brutal Mode Guide

Manage to survive the barrage of attacks from Solarus the Immaculate and the Divine Angel while dealing damage. Once Solarus has about 15% HP left, he will instantly heal and cast a protective barrier around himself.

He will then stand in the middle of the arena, completely immune to damage. Additionally, he’ll start summoning random Pillars of Light which move around the arena erratically. They’re not too quick but your Barriers aren’t useful against them, so swerve away from them.

Divine Angel's Light Wave

Since Solarus won’t take damage during this phase, your focus is to put down the Divine Angel. Thankfully, the Divine Angel behaves the exact same way it did before, with one exception: it can also cast Light Wave now.

However, the Divine Angel’s Light Wave works the same way as Solarus’ Light Wave. If you’ve made it this far, you should have no trouble dealing with it!

The Divine Angel has Fallen

Once you manage to deplete the Divine Angel’s health, it will turn into a Fallen Angel. It will attack Solarus and aid you instead, breaking Solarus’ shield. Now you can damage him again, so it’s time for the final phase of the fight!

Phase 3 – The Fallen Angel

Solarus Final Phase | V Rising 1.0: Solarus the Immaculate Brutal Mode Guide

With Solarus the Immaculate unprotected, the Fallen Angel will stick around and help you until it dies. However, the Fallen Angel sadly dies really quickly in Brutal Mode difficulty in V Rising 1.0. Don’t count on them too much…

As for Solarus himself, he mostly behaves the same as he had until now, with a few significant changes.

Solarus summoning the Pillars of Light

The first big change is that he can now summon the Pillars of Light anytime he wants. He seems to always make sure they stay active, and they behave as erratically as they did in the previous phase.

Solarus and his buzzsaws

Another big change is that Solarus is now more prone to doing his sword swing attacks. Also, each swing will summon more buzzsaws than before, making them particularly dangerous for melee-focused builds. Keep in mind, though, buzzsaws count as projectiles so your Barriers can counter them.

Solarus Jumps..

Lastly, he will also jump sporadically and slam the ground with a powerful blast of light. Thegame warns you of this attack by showing Solarus’ landing spot and area of effect with light, as shown above.

..and then Solarus slams!

Dash away from the area to avoid it entirely.

Solarus defeated

Other than these attacks, you should know all of his tricks by now from the previous phases. Adapt to his relentlessness and you will be sure to finish him off! Just don’t get too overeager, as he gives you fewer chances to punish him. Luminance is still his most punishable attack if you have ranged options.

With Solarus the Immaculate dealt with, you should check out our other guides for V Rising 1.0. For example, we can tell you how to defeat Dracula and also give you a recommended build for the Rift Incursions!


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