V Rising 1.0: Useful Loot Spots Location in Every Zone

Optimize your runs with these locations!

Looting and gathering resources is an important aspect of V Rising. You’ll need loot for all manners of crafting and building, regardless of whether you are in the early stages or deep in your runs. However, getting these resources can feel like such a grind.

However, if you know the right looting spot, this grind can become much more manageable. So, in this guide, we’ll be looking at some really useful looting spots in all the zones of V Rising. We recommend you check them out for your runs in the game. Let’s dive in!

Useful Loot Spots Location in Every Zone

Looting can feel like such a grind at times. Even if you take advantage of all the loot locations that we have outlined in this V Rising guide, you might want to focus on something else. Our V Rising Servant Guide can show you the best minions for looting!

In total, we’ll be looking at a total of 13 loot spot locations across all the zones of V Rising. Each of these zones will provide either one essential resource or even multiple. So, feel free to use the Table of Contents below if a particular spot is near your base or run, or if you need a specific type of resource.

Location #1 – Bandit Encampment in Farbane (Whetstone)

The first loot spot we’ll be looking at in V Rising is a particular Bandit Stronghold in Farbane. This area is great if you’re just starting a run and require Whetstone.

Bandit Encampment in V Rising.

You’ll find plenty of Whetstone in the Chests here. Additionally, you can even find Whetstone as loot off the enemies here. So, if you’re looking for Whetstone to make Merciless Copper Weapons, this spot is ideal. All you need to do is make a quick pass through here and you have everything you need.

Looting Whetstone in V Rising.

Location #2 – Gleaming Shadows in Farbane (Blood Roses)

Another loot spot in Farbane that deserves a shout out is Gleaming Shadows. This is because you can find a lot of Blood Roses here. A great spot to go to if you are in dire need of making some potions in V Rising.

You can easily get about x300 Blood Roses with one run through this area. Just make sure to avoid Polora the Feywalker here!

Gleaming Meadows in V Rising.

Location #3 – Dunley Lumber Mill (Reinforced Planks / Copper Ingots)

The Lumber Mill in Dunley is a popular loot spot to go to for many V Rising veterans. This is because you can find a lot of good early stage materials here. You can even come here at the start of your run if you’re feeling particularly wild!

Dunley Lumber Mill in V Rising.

When you come here, make sure to avoid all the enemies. Instead, go inside houses and rush to loot the containers. You can basically get all the planks and copper ingots you need for your Starter Weapons and Refinement Stations.

If you’re having trouble keeping track of all the Refinement recipes in the game, check out our Refinement Cheat Sheet Guide!

In summary, you can find the following early stage materials in this zone:

  • Planks
  • Reinforced Planks
  • Copper Ingots
Looting Copper Ingots in V Rising.

Location #4 – Church of the Damned in Dunley (Scourgestone / Grave Dust / Glass)

Next up, we have the Church of the Damned in the Dunley zone. You can find a lot of Scourgestone in particular here from the Chests in this area. So, if you’re looking to get the Scourgestone Pendant in V Rising, a good run here can give you all the materials you need.

Church of the Damned in V Rising.

Additionally, you can find a lot of Glass here – both in the Chests and the various breakables in the area. Finding a spot that gives glass consistently is difficult in V Rising, especially in the early stages. So, this will help you out quite a lot.

As a result, you can find the following early stage materials in V Rising in this location:

  • Scourgestone
  • Glass
  • Grave Dust
Looting Glass in V Rising.

However, a problem with this area is that there are a lot of enemies. So, if you’re looking to make a quick run, you’ll find a lot of enemies getting aggressive with you.

We recommend that you run past them and navigate to the small crevice shown below behind the Church. Once you get here, the enemies will drop their aggro and you’ll be safe. After that, you can start looting and return here if there are too many enemies on your tail again.

Church Hiding Spot in V Rising.

Location #5 – Witch Hut / Lair of the Behemoth / Nest of the Curse Weaver in Cursed Forest (Ghost Shrooms)

If you’re struggling to find Ghost Shrooms in V Rising, we have a collection of locations next to each other that you’ll find very useful. You can find them in the Cursed Forest Zone.

Lair of the Behemoth in V Rising.

You can find Ghost Shrooms by killing Witches in Witch Huts fairly easily. There are quite a few in the Nest of the Curse Weaver as well.

However, the Lair of the Behemoth is by far the best location for Ghost Shrooms. In the Gorecrusher’s arena, start navigating around the borders. You’ll be able to find so many Ghost Shrooms growing there. You can easily farm them without getting the Gorecrusher to aggro on you.

Ghost Shroom in V Rising.

Location #6 – Gloomrot Farms in Gloomrot South (Silver / Mutant Grease / Tier 2 Materials)

As you progress through your run on V Rising, you’ll need to get a bunch of Tier 2 materials. For this, we recommend heading to the two Gloomrot Farms that you can find in the Gloomrot South zone.

Gloomrot Farm in V Rising.

There are plenty of houses here that have a lot of containers. Keep an eye out as many of the containers here can blend into the environment. They are very small but will typically have a lot of good materials that you need once you’ve established yourself during your run.

So, you can find a lot of Silver from these containers. Additionally, there is a lot of Mutant Grease that you can obtain here as well.

However, since there is a lot of Mutant Grease here, you’ll come across a lot of Mutants fighting other enemies. So, be careful and make sure that you do not spend too long looting when you enter a house. Otherwise, you might get cornered.

Looting Mutant Grease in V Rising.

Location #7 – Pools of Rebirth / Rustlock Village in Gloomrot South (Mutant Grease)

You can also find two really good loot spots next to each other in Gloomrot South. This is the Pools of Rebirth and Rustlock Village.

This is a large area where there are multiple battles going on between Mutants and Humans in V Rising. As the Mutants die, they’ll drop a lot of Mutant Grease. So, all you need to do is do a quick run through these two zones.

Make sure you do not stop and just start picking all the Mutant Grease you can get your hands on! Also, we recommend you check out our guide on Farming Mutant Grease.

Pools of Rebirth in V Rising.

Location #8 – Gloomrot North (Mutant Grease / Quartz / Sulfur / Iron)

The next looting location we’ll be looking at in V Rising is the entire Gloomrot North zone. This is a wild area where you can actually find a lot of great base locations if they’re empty. Check out our Best Base Locations Guide if you want some more great base locations!

Gloomrot North in V Rising.

However, you’ll also find a lot of high level Mutants spawning here. Killing them can give you a lot of resources which includes a lot of Mutant Grease. Additionally, you will find a lot of Nodes here that you can harvest for additional resources.

Here are some of the Nodes that you can find here:

  • Quartz
  • Sulfur
  • Iron.
Mutant Grease in V Rising.

Location #9 – Brighthaven Vineyards in Silverlight (Schematics / Tier 3 Recipes / Tier 3 Jewels)

Brighthaven Vineyards in V Rising is a fantastic area for an early farming strategy. You can find it in the large Silverlight zone.

Brighthaven Vineyards in V Rising.

There are so many containers in the houses here where you can find Schematics that you need to progress your strategies. You can also come across Tier 3 Recipes and Jewels that will help fast forward your progression.

In essence, you can find the following loot in this location in V Rising:

  • Schematics
  • Tier 3 Recipes
  • Tier 3 Jewels
  • Iron.

However, there are a lot of enemies and patrols that you can come across here. So, make sure that you are always on the move and going between houses. If you do find that a lot of enemies are aggroed on you, jump over the fences in the large farm area. You’ll be able to lose them eventually.

Looting Level 3 Jewel in V Rising.

Location #10 – Brighthaven Square (General High Value Loot)

Brighthaven Square is a huge area in V Rising that is teeming with all sorts of loot. It is an incredibly farming area popular among V Rising veterans that you can find in the Silverlight zone too. A great way to get in here is through the hole in the wall near the Northern entrance.

Brighthaven Square in V Rising.

After that, you should try and stay away from patrols as much as possible. That means sticking to the alleys and small buildings as much as possible. You can also come here if you need to escape patrols in case they spot you.

The first spot where you can find a lot of loot is in the breakable objects. Just break them and start picking up everything you can. You’ll be able to accumulate an insane amount of really valuable loot this way.

Some of the materials that you can get just from breakables in this area are:

  • Iron
  • Copper Ingots
  • Reinforced Planks
  • Glass.
Breakables in V Rising.

Besides that, you can also come across many Gold Chests. These have even more valuables in them that’ll help you out on your run. You can do this run as early as Level 10, but we would recommend that you wait until you’re Level 20 or 30.

Looting Gold Chest in V Rising.

If you do manage to get caught by patrols here there are quite a few strategies that you can use to escape or lose aggro.

Here are some of these strategies:

  • Use obstacles in the area to block enemies line of sight
  • Use peers near docks to hide as enemies above will not be able to notice you
  • Hide in bushes near the Stables in Rat Form
  • Jump across the river or down cliffs to lose enemies
  • Go into dark alleys and corners.
Hiding from patrols in V Rising.

Finally, there is also a shortcut location you can use to get to the Stables in Brighthaven Square. We have it drawn out for you in the image below from the Southern face of the Brighthaven Square.

It’ll allow you to avoid any patrols and get in quickly without alerting anyone.

Brighthaven Square shortcut in V Rising.

Location #11 – Brighthaven Cathedral in Silverlight (Gold Chains / Jewels / Schematics)

The final loot spot for the Silverlight zone is actually accessible through Brighthaven Square. You can get here quickly through the Northern entrance of Brighthaven Square – where the hole is.

Brighthaven Cathedral in V Rising.

From here, you will be going straight up the stairs and navigating around from the right side of the cathedral. As you do so, you’ll come across various mobs of enemies who’ll start chasing you.

While this happens, run around from the right side all the way to the left. Make sure to take a note of all the Chests you see as you run. You’ll be coming to these later.

As you go around to the right side, you’ll come across a dead end. On the left side, you’ll see a small fence. Jump over this fence and immediately all the enemies chasing you will lose interest.

Cathedral Hiding Spot in V Rising.

Now you can jump over and head inside the Cathedral for the loot. Additionally, you can also go to the Chests you kept note of and immediately loot them. And if too many enemies get aggroed on you, immediately return to the fence.

You’ll be able to get the following items:

  • Gold Chains
  • Jewels
  • Schematics.

Once you have all the loot you need, you can escape the location easily by jumping from the nearby cliffs.

Now that you have a bunch of Jewels, why not check out our Best In Slot Weapon, Armor and Jewel Guide to see which one will benefit you the most!

Looting Cathedral Chests in V Rising.

Location #12 – Mortium (Greater Stygian Shards / High End Potions / Bat Hide / Recipes)

Mortium is a great zone to get some of the more obscure loot in the game. Starting off, you’ll find that a lot of Draculan mobs and Silver Light patrols are constantly clashing in the area. 

As these enemies are killed, you’ll come across a lot of loot which consists of various Recipes, Bat Hides and so on.

Paladin Loot in V Rising.

Additionally, the area is littered with Greater Stygian Shards Nodes that you can harvest. You’ll even be able to find these shards inside Chests alongside High End Potions. So it’s always worth it to come here to get some great end game loot.

Check out our Complete Endgame Guide if you want to take full advantage of the area!

Looting Greater Stygian Shards in V Rising.

Location #13 – Dracula’s Demise ( High Level Endgame Loot / Bat Hide)

The final location we’ll be looking at for the best loot spots in V Rising is Dracula’s Demise. Being one of the endgame locations, you’ll find a lot of high level Dracula mobs here. 

You can easily farm some amazing loot from them which includes Bat Hide i.e. provided there are no Incursions. If you’re having trouble with Incursions, our Incursion Events Explained Guide can help you out!

Mobs in Dracula's Demise in V Rising.

That’s everything you need to know about the most useful loot spots in V Rising. Now you know where you can farm all the materials that you need regardless of where you are in our run! We recommend having this guide handy in case you ever need some important materials.

Also, did you know that you can actually keep Draculin Servants in the game now? It’s all outlined in our How To Unlock Draculin Servants Guide. You’ll not want to miss out on them, especially with the bonuses they give you. They can even give you bonuses on loot you acquire in the game!


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