Wartales: How To Craft – Blacksmith | Guide

Learn how to become a Blacksmith in Wartales!

There are different professions in Wartales and being a Blacksmith is one of them. Forging is one of the ways you can craft powerful equipment. This guide will show you how to become a Blacksmith and start forging in Wartales.

How to become a Blacksmith

Before you can begin crafting items, you need to find a Forge on the map first. You can find them in town clusters around the map. After clicking on the forge icon on the map, you can click on the forge and select a team member to become the blacksmith.

Once you select a character, you will be able to see the available blueprints and items you can craft on the forge. There are not a lot of blueprints available at first but you can gain more once you use your knowledge points. 

Clicking on the blueprint will show all the ingredients and materials you need to craft the item. After clicking Forge, you will enter a mini-game. There are 4 stone plates on the forge and you have to hit the plate when it glows almost white. 

If you hit the stone correctly, the stone plate will turn yellow. Do this for all the stone plates and you will get a superior quality item, which can give you better stats.

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