What Are Colored Shard For In Pokemon Legends Arceus | Colored Shards Guide

What’s the main purpose of these shiny crystals named Colored Shards in Pokémon Legends Arceus?

What Are Colored Shard For In Pokemon Legends Arceus Colored Shards Guide

You might have stumbled across Blue, Green, or Red Shards in Pokemon Arceus, but what are they actually for? – Well, these unique items in most cases drop as a reward for defeating Alpha Pokémon, but you can also find them scattered across the map in the Space-time Distortion.

When you find a dark spot of time on the map, it usually suggests that different powerful Pokemon will appear. After defeating the Pokémon, you’ll get valuable items on the ground, including Blue, Green, or Red Shards.


When it comes to their purpose in the game, the Shards appear to be a fragment of some sort of implement that was made a long time ago. The use of colored Shards in Pokemon Arceus is really straightforward. Their primary use is to make money on the market.

Crafting With Colored Shards

However, don’t go running to the shop yet. You wouldn’t want to sell your Colored Shard for 150 apiece, just because later in the game you’ll get the chance to craft different items like Star Piece using Colored Shards, which is worth a lot more.

To craft such an item, you need to obtain a recipe. In this case, you need to get the Star Piece recipe, and to do that you need to talk to Anvin at Jubilife Village. He is a vendor with a crafting table right across Galaxy Hall.

What are shards used for Pokemon Legends

The goal here is to create a unique item that combines Shards just to increase their overall value and make more money.

For example, if you want to craft a Star Piece, you’ll need 3 Red Shards, 3 Green Shards, 3 Blue Shards, and 1 bag of Stardust. The total value of the materials in the crafting process is about 2,350, but the Star Piece sells for around 5,000 or over double that amount.

This means that it is best to keep the colored shards until you get the recipe that allows you to use them as crafting materials.

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