Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to Get Hero Isurd

Unlock the coolest commander ever!

You have tons of choices to play from all of the characters available in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Each and every one of them offers a fully different playable experience so you will want to unlock them all. In this guide, we will be showing you the simplest way of how you can unlock the hero Isurd. Let’s get started.

How to Get Hero Isurd – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

He will be only available in and after you have completed the Chapter 4. You will need to go to this location – the Colony Lambda and then to the most top right corner where you can see this Quest-Related Event.

Here there will be a big building with Isurd sitting inside of it.  Then you will be asking for his help and he will join your party temporarily and the Unwavering Resole questline will start.

To complete this quest you will need to go to Mine No.3

Once you come here there will be a short dialogue and then the quest will start. You will need to remove the Boulder out of the way. To do this is easy. Go to the elevator and then just walk next to the boulder and a couple of their guys use their strengths to push it away.

There will be a couple of enemies that you will then need to kill. There will be 6 in total and they will be of the Drifter Scorpox kind.

Once this is done go back to the original Isurd’s location and you will need to talk to the commander one more time. He will give you yet another questline where this time you will need to go to the cave at Pira Bluffs. This is where it is located.

There will be a dialogue cutscene once you get here too but when that is finished you will need to just defeat the 2 Armadillos and the quest will be finished. Once those are dead and defeated you will have unlocked a new playable character! Congratulations!

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