Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Where To Find Nia’s Memories

Help Nia remember!

Some of the characters have very unique missions to be able to obtain them and join your team. Most of them have even more quests and missions that will further broaden their lore and backstory. In today’s guide, we will talk about the lore and Nia’s memories. Let’s locate all 4 of them!

Where To Find Nia’s Memories – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

When you recruit Nia as a hero, eventually you’ll get a quest for her where you will have to go track and trace down all of her memories. There are a couple of them and they can be pretty far off each other on the map. They will be displayed with a question mark on the map so making it much easier for you to track them down.

It is also crucial to bring Nia with you when you are going around and starting these mini-quests in order to fulfill and bring back Nia’s memories.

The first one you can find here. This is in the Fornis Region right in the center of it.

The second one can be obtained by getting to this here marked location. This is in the City Interior’s Map.

The third one can be found here in this location. This is the Ascension Grounds map. You will get here towards the later stages of the game for sure. So you won’t be able to miss it really. Just make sure that Nia is next to you when you’re here!

The fourth and final one can be found in here. This is the Pantelas Region in the very center of it.

Again do not go chasing these question marks on your map, or even wonder why you cannot see them on your map if you do not have Nia on your team! When you will have her with you, you’ll be able to see them as well as complete them all. Good luck!

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