Northgard: How To Kraken Guide

Release the fish!

Northgard How To Kraken Guide

Northgard has a lot of clans that you can choose from, some of them have very unique playstyles, like how the Clan of the Rat can’t make houses and can overwork their population, or how the clan of the Dragon gets a sacrifice mechanic. These Clans, most of them from DLCs, can be quite confusing to play when it’s your first time. These clans often have weird mechanics, debuffs and often guide the player to a certain playstyle. The Clan of the Kraken has all of this, and this is why it can be a hurdle for most new players. In this guide, we’ll show you the basics of the Clan of the Kraken along with some general tips on how to play them.

How To Kraken Guide In Northgard

Right off the bad you’ll notice one thing; the Clan of the Kraken can’t do a trade victory. That’s because they can’t make longship docks. They also have a debuff where colonizing non-coastal zones are 50% more expensive. Not only that but all units attack power are reduced by 30% on non-coastal zones. Now all of those debuffs can already turn away a player, but let me tell you that the Clan of the Kraken can be very powerful.

First the Kraken clan has special abilities called Wyrd. The more of that resource you have, the more you use the abilities within it. Here is a list of the abilities you can use with Wyrd.

  • Shallow Waters – Adds one building slot to the tile.
  • High Tide – Makes it so you can colonize one non-coastal tile for the normal price.
  • Road to Valhalla – Transforms one of your Norn into a Valhalla
  • Ancient Spirit – Summons 5 spectral warriors into an enemy coastal zone.

As you can see from the list above, they already have one ability to remove the debuff for colonizing non-coastal zones. Not only that but they have a unique unit called Norn, a unit made in the unique building Horgr which replaces the brewery. They increase the clan’s Happiness while also increasing Wyrd generation. Just remember, you can only make women into Norn, which makes sense because you can make them into Valkyries.

Speaking of Valkyries, the Valkyrie is one of the Kraken’s unique and strongest units that you can only get through Wyrd and turning a Norn into one.

The Fisherman’s Hut is also replaced with a Fishery which can work on both lake fish and at sea, which is great since you’ll be sticking to the sea often. Not only that but Fishermen produce 20% more food as well!

As you can tell fisheries will be your main driving force, so you should make a lot of woodcutter’s lodges at the start to maintain your fishing empire. Despite not being able to do a trade victory you can also still use Trading Posts which will make it easy for you since you will be producing a lot of fish to trade. I highly suggest trading with either the giants or the dwarves with this clan.

The Clan of the Kraken can really have a strong economy with no food problems to speak of. They can also have a great military as well with spectral warriors, Valkyries and allies from easy trading. This clan can easily be one of the best clans in the game.

Now that you know the basics of the clan, go out there and try it yourself!

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Northgard How To Snake Guide

Northgard: How To Snake Guide

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