Manor Lords: How To Get a Blacksmith Workshop

Who do we rely on to make our weapons?

Manor Lords is a brand-new, city-building strategy game based on the medieval era using real-time building tactics. The game was developed by Greg Styczeń from Slavic Magic and has grown in popularity since its release. Your aim is to expand your population and town and work on its growth and flourishment. But how can a town grow without a Blacksmith workshop? Let’s find out how to build one. 

How To Get a Blacksmith Workshop

You can get a Blacksmith workshop by setting your Burgage Plot into a Workshop. I’ll show you in detail how to do that.

Let’s get started

You cannot just turn any Burgage plot into a blacksmith workshop. Your Burgage Plot needs to be of Level 2 in order to customize it and build other facilities.

To level up your burgage plot from level 1 to level 2, you need to complete some requirements.

Requirements to upgrade plot in Manor Lords

Hover over your level 1 plot to see the requirements you need to fill These include upgrading your church level, water access, acquiring some resources, and so on. 

Once you meet these requirements, go back to the plot and click on the tiny house icon to upgrade it to the next level.

Leveling up plot Manor Lords

When you upgrade your plot, you can then turn it into a Blacksmith Workshop. But before you do, you need some resources in order to go ahead with this construction. You need Planks x5 and Regional Wealth x5.

Now, you click on the plot and then click on the construction option

construction Manor Lords

Then, click on the anvil option to build a Blacksmith Workshop. 

Constructing Blacksmith Workshop Manor Lords

And there you go! Your plot will turn into a Blacksmith Workshop! Keep in mind that people who have a blacksmith workshop cannot get jobs anywhere else. 

Blacksmith’s Workshop Resource Production

The table below shows the items that can be produced from said raw materials at the Blacksmith’s:

Raw MaterialProduct
Iron SlabTools
Iron SlabsSidearms
Iron Slabs+PlanksSpears
Iron Slabs+PlanksPolearms

So, there you have it! Now, go right ahead and build your own Blacksmith, so you can equip your town with more tools and resources, so it can flourish! And while you’re here, try working on organizing your roads in Manor Lords. We have a guide to help you learn How To Delete Roads in Manor Lords, so check it out!


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