Everything to Lose Far Cry 6

Keep the farmers happy and you will all be happy!

The story of a revolution is surely full of odd characters, villains, and allies that can help you in many different ways. Today, we’re gonna talk about some people that are incredibly important for someone that is in a war: farmers. They can help you big time, but in Far Cry 6, you will have to do some convincing and help them out with some various problems. With the “Everything to Lose” quest, you will have to help the various farmers of the Fernando Valley. Let’s see how you do that.

Everything to Lose (Quest) – Far Cry 6

To finish this quest, you will need to travel to 4 different farms and help out. Here they are and here is what you’ll need to do:

  • Arrese Farm

These guys will just want you to take their rooster and keep him safe. The only problem though, they locked the door to the shed where the rooster is.

You can find the keys to the shed in the house, on a table. They can be easily seen once you enter the house.

  • Hinojosa Farm

This one is pretty straightforward. Everyone at the farm is dead and you’ll just need to report it to senora Toca. Dani will do this by himself.

There might also be an enemy there with 2 dogs so pay attention.

  • Duarte Farm

You will find the farmer here being harassed by a soldier. You just need to shoot him right in the head, not risking the life of the farmer.

Once the enemy is dead, the farmer will thank you for your service and will promise to help you guys out.

  • Casa Rivera

Here you just need to stop the electric water. Turn the valve that’s circled in red in the picture above, after destroying the wooden pallets.

After that, jump on the generator after climbing the water tank and pull out the cable that’s from the place that’s circled in yellow in the image.

Once that is done, the quest will be finished and you’ll be asked to come back to Toca.

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