Anime Champions Simulator: Everything You Need To Know About Update 6

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It’s always nice to see great games like Anime Champions Simulator receive updates. That’s a sign of an active community that rarely leaves the safety of their bedroom walls. Now, there’s more stuff to do in the most recent update to make sure that everybody will stay at home for good.

Updates usually happen during special events like Halloween. So, aside from specific event related items and quality of life changes, you also get bug fixes that will most likely carry over until another update gets released. Find out more about what’s new by reading the rest of the guide below!

Everything You Need To Know About Update 6

The new update is bringing in a new raid for Sawblade City. They did however, balanced the attack speed with short abilities so there goes a little bit of the fun playing with Astolfo.

A new quest is also available as well, it’ll require you to kill at least 10,000 enemies. You can get that quest from Illusionist Supreme before going on your next raid.

Anime Champions Simulator Quest Giver NPC

Another thing that you will have access to during this update is twice the amount of drops, luck, and coins.

With that, you can get a lot more metals or quirks like black hole and celestial, not to mention more Pumpkin Orbs from the coins you earn as well.

You can easily get even more coins by making use of your Coins Boost. That stacks with the x2 coins boost you already get from the event alone. Making it rather easy to get extra candy later on.

Anime Champions Simulator Sawblade City

The reward you’ll get from completing the Power of Illusions quest will be two cosmic Halloween Summons. Remember, you can just put auto attack on and do raids on easy mode to easily defeat 10,000 mobs!

One more thing, you also have two new codes you can use to get extra goods from the event. Make sure to type in “Sawbladeraid” and “stayclassy” in no particular order to get your rewards!

Anime Champions Simulator Quest Giver NPC

And that’s what you’ll be getting from update 6 in Anime Champions Simulator. Now, go out there and keep on raiding before the multipliers run dry!

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