Apocalypse Rising 2: All Rare Items Guide | Summer Update

Kill those hooded militias!

In Apocalypse Rising 2, players can customize their appearance using various items known as cosmetics. The items players wear have no stat effects and are purely for looks. Players can find most cosmetics by defeating zombies or by locating them inside furniture and on the floors of buildings throughout the map. Here’s a quick guide on how to obtain all rare items in the new summer update of Apocalypse Rising 2.

All Rare Items Guide

Here’s how you can get all the Rare Items introduced in the new Drying Summer update. Let’s get right into it!

Militia Generic

Let’s start with the Hooded and Militia cosmetic sets. You can easily find these sets in the Oasis and during crashed Humvee events across the map.

Militia Generic in Apocalypse Rising 2

Here are some common locations and zombies where they can spawn or drop, indicated by the yellow dots on the map. While skyblue dots are unconfirmed locations.

Militia Generic Map in Apocalypse Rising 2

Hooded Militia Zombies (except white and pink) have a chance of dropping black, green, red, and brown dusters, as well as black and green cloaks.

Hooded Militia Zombie in Apocalypse Rising 2

Dusters and Cloaks in Apocalypse Rising 2

Bandaged Militia Cosmetics (black, brown, and green variants) can also be obtained by defeating Hooded Militia with their respective color.

Bandaged Militia Cosmetics in Apocalypse Rising 2

Bandaged Militia Cosmetics in Apocalypse Rising 2

They may also spawn in the convoys in the ground or in the searchable trucks, as well as bed of tents near oil pump areas.

Trucks in Apocalypse Rising 2

Bed of Tents in Apocalypse Rising 2

Robe Zombies on the other hand, can also drop plate and tank carriers, but Oasis offers a better chance of getting them.

Robe Zombies in Apocalypse Rising 2

White and Pink Militia

Players can find the two other hooded militia characters in specific areas. You can find the Pink Hooded Militia at the Oasis headquarters, and they drop the AK weapon.

White and Pink Militia Zombies in Apocalypse Rising 2

On the other hand, the White Hood Militia scatters across the map with their ATVs, resembling the filtered AK zombies.

The White Hood Militia may drop the OG and potentially the White Hooded cosmetics. To collect all the items from these Militia Zombies, you can explore the map and look for their spawn points, which we have gathered and shown here. Refer to the lime green dots for the locations.

Alternatively, you can stay in a specific area and hop on smaller servers to find what you need.

White Hood Location in Apocalypse Rising 2

Dry Ghillie Suit

Unlike the other seasonal Gillies, this one will only spawn in one specific area – the Oasis. It can be found in many crates scattered around almost every building and corner of the place.

However, most of the time, these crates are locked. The case automatically locks again after someone opens the crates or picks up the Ghillie Suit and leaves the area.

Dry Ghillie Suit in Apocalypse Rising 2


The Hooded Militia now spawns these respirators, particularly the one at the tower with the current event weapon, the Tankiver M1918, dropping the black respirator mask.

You can find other respirators at the entrance of the Oasis, where they carry a foul, or during the Humvee crash event, where they spawn the Great Desert Militia Respirator.

Respirators in Apocalypse Rising 2


You can find the umbrella hat at the Oasis Mosen Tower. Once you reach the top, you’ll encounter a zombie wearing the same cosmetic and carrying the PU Mosen.

Umbrella Hat in Apocalypse Rising 2

Oasis Mosen Tower in Apocalypse Rising 2

Cactus Uniform

The cactus uniform is obtainable by defeating the cactus zombie, which can be found in the underground area of The Oasis nightclub.

Cactus Uniform in Apocalypse Rising 2

That pretty much sums up everything you need to do in order to obtain all rare items in Apocalypse Rising 2 Summer Update. If you think we missed some things, be sure to comment down below!

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