Apocalypse Rising 2: Complete Combat Guide | Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips on how to get better at Apocalypse Rising 2!

Apocalypse Rising 2 is an open world survival game on Roblox where you can use find a wide range of weapons and vehicles that you can use to eliminate infected and other hostile players. The combat in this game has a bit of a learning curve, so if you want to get better at it, here are some tips that can help you out!

Credits go to Shoelips on YouTube for the tips.

Complete Combat Guide | Tips & Tricks

First of all, you should try to get arguably one of the strongest loadouts that you can acquire in the game. This boils down to personal preference, but one of the best setups includes the following:

  • FAL Battle Rifle – This should have a reflex sight for faster aim speed, as well as a short foregrip for significantly reduced recoil and even quicker aiming. A suppressor will also be very handy.
  • “Snake’s” MAC-10 Machine Pistol – A pretty good secondary weapon with an incredibly fast fire rate of 1020.

These two weapons, along with the attachments mentioned, will allow you to rip and tear through both infected and players with ease.

AR2 loadout

Practicing Recoil

Because of how weapons work in the game, there’s a bit of practice needed when it comes to managing recoil. Between tap firing and learning to control it, you’ll have to weigh in which option is best for any given situation.

If you’re looking to practice how to manage your recoil, search for any static object, such as a hay bale, and just start shooting at its center from any range that you desire.

As much as possible, try to move your mouse in a way that keeps most of your shots in the middle of your target.

AR2 recoil

Practicing Positioning

In terms of positioning, one of the best tips to keep in mind is head glitching. Whenever you see a small ledge or slope that you can camp behind, crouch just near the top.

If you do it correctly, you should be able to see beyond your cover while only leaving just a small bit of your body exposed, particularly your head.

This keeps you safe from getting hit with body shots and will prove to be a nuisance to your enemies as they’ll have only a small hitbox to aim at.

AR2 head glitching

Tweaking Your Setting

Another thing you should consider changing is your field of view, or FOV for short. In the settings tab, you’ll see an option called Camera FOV.

Set this to the highest possible value, which is 90 in this game. Doing so will let you see way more off to the sides, which gives you a significant vision advantage and can come in clutch during a fight.


Next up, you should also fix your crosshair settings. Again, pull up the settings tab and scroll down to User Interface. From here, you’ll see the Crosshair Behavior setting.

Change this to Static so that your crosshair stays still whenever you move or shoot. This makes it less distracting to your overall experience, as the Dynamic crosshair tends to move all over the place.

You can also change your crosshair color. Set this to the color that you’re most comfortable with and blends in the least to the background. Green is the ideal color to choose in this case.

AR2 crosshair

Finally, you should set all your game quality settings to Low. Not only will this make your game run at a higher framerate, but it will also make your surroundings look much clearer.

Leave the Impact Particles setting on though, as it will help you determine the direction in which you are getting shot from. Also, turn Ambient Sounds down to zero, as they tend to just be distracting.

AR2 settings

Heading Into Combat

First up, at long range encounters, do not fire from the hips. Aim with the right click button to heavily increase your chances of hitting. Not doing this will result in your bullets going everywhere, unless you get incredibly lucky.

AR2 long range

On the other hand, for close range encounters, switch to third person view and whip out your faster firing weapon. In this case, it will likely be the MAC-10 mentioned much earlier.

Instead of aiming, you will want to rush your opponent and spray from the hips. Pretty much the opposite of what you will be doing in long range fights.

AR2 hipfire

Another thing to keep in mind is the ability to holster your weapon. While reloading, rather than keeping your gun up, it is generally better to holster your weapon by pressing V, so that you can look around you until you’re ready to start firing again.

In a 1v1 situation, you may also want to remove your suppressor from your weapon. This increases the camera shake that your opponents receive, further disrupting their aim.

Faking your medkit usage can also lower your enemy’s guard and cause them to go out of cover in hopes of killing you while you’re healing.

AR2 Medkit

Finally, you should learn how to lead your shots when firing at moving targets from a distance. This is because weapons are not hitscan, meaning that bullets still travel to your target rather than instantly hitting what you’re aiming at.

Basically, just aim slightly ahead of moving targets. This will ensure that your bullets hit the mark rather than missing and leaving you wondering what happened.

That’s pretty much it, if you’re interested, check out this Complete CITADEL Loot Guide Halloween Event | 2023.

AR2 aiming

And those are all the tips we have for you. Now, get out there and start wrecking your enemies in Apocalypse Rising 2!

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