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The Drying brings more loots!

In Apocalypse Rising 2, The Oasis is a large fort on top of a metal platform with walls around it. The fort consists of tall towers with bridges and catwalks going across them. Additionally, it includes a small nightclub underneath and various other buildings. Here is our OASIS Complete Loot Guide for Apocalypse Rising 2 Summer Update, if you’re eager to know more about this point of interest.

Credits go to YoSoyNic on Youtube for the amazing looting tips!

OASIS Complete Loot Guide

The Oasis is the main attraction for the 2023 Drying or Summer Update event. It is the most popular point of interest in the current update, and for good reason. It features new zombie variants, hidden rooms, and a variety of weapon loots. Let’s take a closer look at what this place has to offer!


Upon entering the area, you will be met by a group of zombies armed with Soviet weapons, like AKs and AKMs.

Once you have dealt with them, you will find a military tent with weapons and a cosmetic item on the cot or camp bed.

Be sure to check the pressurized chest on the left side of the gate for a Desert Gilly, which can spawn there.

There is also another pressurized chest to the right, near the cargo containers.

Night Club

After a short walk straight from the entrance, you will see a side door on the building to your left. Open the door and you may find a zombie inside. Once you kill the zombie, you will see a ladder leading down to the nightclub.

The nightclub is a straightforward location with multiple different types of zombies that can spawn, including green and pink cosmetic zombies, as well as multiple militia zombies that drop their Soviet weapons and cosmetics.

Moreover, there is a pressurized chest spawn on the booth near the dance floor. Before you leave, make sure to check the bar for sarsparillas and food. You should also take some time to really look around the room because there is multiple cosmetics spawn all over.


Upon entering the next section that I would like to call Headquarters, you will see a front desk in a room with bulletproof glass. This room has a few weapon spawns, but nothing too exciting.

If you go right, you will see multiple jail cells. One of these cells contains a pressurized chest, and cosmetics can also spawn on the bunk beds.

There’s an inaccessible cell in front, so you can go around outside through the window to find a weapon crate and other items.

Additionally, on the back left of the front desk, you’ll see stairs leading to the next floors. The next floor has a pressurized chest spawn right there. Keep taking the stairs all the way up to the top floor, and you’ll find another weapon crate close to the chest spawn.

In what I call the boss’ room, there are multiple sarsparillas, zombie spawns, and weapon spawns.

Finally, the back of the room has a large safe with a chance to spawn the PKM. There’s also a pressurized chest that can spawn behind a desk, so double check there.


We’re heading to the next building, which I call the Greenhouse because of the suspicious plants on the roof. The bottom entrance is like a sewer tunnel that leads to the top with a ladder.

There’s also a handy jump from the volcano ledge to get inside the building from the outside.

On the roof, you’ll find some zombie spawns, military crates near the plants, and a lower room with militia crate spawns and cosmetic items on the tables.


We call the next building “Umbrella” because a special infected zombie with an umbrella hat spawns on the top.

If you enter from the bottom floor, there’s a first-floor factory with some zombies and cosmetics but nothing significant, just a regular garage.

Outside, there’s a staircase leading to the top of the building. On the second floor, there are beach chairs and a roundabout, but nothing interesting.

The next floor is a medical room with beds and medical items that can spawn along with a few zombies.

The fourth floor has a living area with bunk beds and a chance for cosmetic spawns.

Going up to the next floor, there’s more living space but nothing noteworthy.

Once you reach the top floor, you’ll find military crates, weapon cases, and ammo crates. On the roof, there’s a fun tower to climb where the special zombie with an umbrella hat spawns, and there are also multiple weapon crates on this tower.


Now we proceed to the main building in the middle called “Canteen.” It’s always full of zombies because of its location. The bottom floor is a canteen or lunchroom.

The floor above has bunk beds with some cosmetic items on them.

The next floor is more living space with more beds and an airplane strangely placed, with a few weapon and zombie spawns.

The fourth floor resembles a med bay, and there’s a unique hidden room behind the cabinet doors. On this floor, you’ll also find some militia crates and a very rewarding large safe where you can find up to three weapons. It’s definitely worth checking out.

The staircase then leads to the top of the building, where there’s a nice head peek.


The Skyscraper is the last and tallest building. You can enter the Night Club from the bottom of this building, but the only way into the skyscraper itself is through the blimp.

The blimp can take you to the top where you’ll find a few weapon spawns. Just be cautious because there’s only one way down from there.


Next to the blimps, there’s another blimp that will take you up to a large radio tower or military tower.

In this tower, you’ll find decent militia crate spawns and a pressurized chest, so make sure to loot them too.


Next, we have a hangar situated near the tower. Inside the hangar, you’ll find a zombie and a pressurized chest spawn right on top of the cargo crate.

Moreover, there’s an additional pressurized chest spawn located on the grates, so make sure to check this area too.

And that wraps up our OASIS Complete Loot Guide for Apocalypse Rising 2 Summer Update! If you think we might have missed some special looting location/s in the Oasis map, feel free let us know in the comments section below.

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