Apocalypse Rising 2: Complete CITADEL Loot Guide Halloween Event | 2023

New update, new loot!

Apocalypse Rising 2 has just dropped its new update that brings Halloween-themed content to the map. This includes enemies, loot, map design and so on. It is a much awaited update that flips the script and allows fans to push for survival in a new way. This includes the new Citadel map, which is the main focus of this update.

However, since the map has changed, it is not clear how exactly fans should approach the Citadel. After all, it is impossible to win if players do not get loot and try to fend off both players and zombies. In this guide, we will show you where to get loot in the entire Citadel map. Let’s dive in!

Complete CITADEL Loot Guide Halloween Event

The Citadel map is large and has multiple areas and points of ingress. Additionally, each area has its own loot sections. Some areas are barren while others have some good loot. So, in this guide, we will move from the outskirts to the upper floors of the Citadel.

This way, you can discover where you are supposed to look for loot as you make your approach on the Citadel. There are quite a few Cosmetics you can find too. Consider checking out this Halloween Event Cosmetic Guide for Apocalypse Rising 2.


There are multiple spots where you can find loot in the Outskirts. There are the Lab tents where you can find some basic loot and White Hazmat zombies. Many players tend to go for these but you can find better areas, unless you don’t have much loot.

Lab area of Citadel in Apocalypse Rising 2.

There is the floating Tower where the Mozen Zombie can spawn alongside some SKS zombies. This Tower is much like the previous version of the Mozen Tower. It’s just gotten a renovation in celebration of Halloween.

Floating Mozen Tower in Apocalypse Rising 2.

There is also a Soviet Tent near the Citadel where a Zombie with an AK47 can spawn. You can also find other weapons and ammo in the tent for various Soviet class weapons. It is a great way to get some loot that will have you ready to face the dangers within the Citadel.

Soviet Tent in Apocalypse Rising 2.

As you near the Citadel, there is a bridge that leads up to the entrance. This bridge is full of Military Humvees and zombies that will drop rations and Military weapons. Another excellent way to get geared up for the battle ahead!

Citadel Bridge in Apocalypse Rising 2.

In front of the Citadel entrance, there is a Military checkpoint. You can find Military Weapon Crates alongside Ammo. There are also a lot of zombies that you can kill to get ammo and even more weapons!

Citadel Entrance Checkpoint in Apocalypse Rising 2.

First Floor

The First Floor is by far the most difficult area in the whole of a Citadel. You will be facing every variant of Zombie here, since they like to jump down from above from the rest of the floors. You will even see Abominations inside the Citadel. 

Defeating them allows you to obtain the Abomination Claws, which is the new Melee Weapon. However, be aware that there is a very rare chance for them to spawn. So, if you do want them badly, we suggest you approach them cautiously as the risk might not be worth it.

Fighting Abominations in Apocalypse Rising 2.

If you’re coming in from the Bridge side, the inside Entrance will have a few normal crates and other loot spawns. You can use these to build up your resources like food and water.

Bridge Side Citadel Room in Apocalypse Rising 2.

On the Northeast side of the first floor, you will find a room with Concrete Tombs. Inside, there are special Infected Zombies with Goat skulls. There are also a few normal crates lying around.

However, if you look up carefully you will see that there is a floating Cage. Inside, there is a Black Military Case and a few Green Military Cases. To get to these, you will need to do some parkour which is only possible from the Second Floor.

Fighting Goat Zombie in Apocalypse Rising 2.

You will also see some pillars with Red Mist. These are very creepy and going there isn’t worth it either, as there isn’t much loot there. Only anxiety!

Red Mist Room in Apocalypse Rising 2.

If you’re entering the Citadel from the side entrance with a scaffolding, you can find some great loot to prepare for the other floors. This includes some basic loot with a few Soviet and surplus Military Crates scattered around.

There are also some zombies that can drop weapons like the SKS and Camp Carbine.

Citadel Side Entrance Room in Apocalypse Rising 2.

There is also the middle area of the First Floor. However, we recommend that you totally avoid this as there isn’t much loot here.

It is only really good for Cosmetic Farming. If you go in this area, every zombie will get alerted and start chasing you down!

Middle of Citadel First Floor in Apocalypse Rising 2.

Second Floor

The Second floor does not have many areas of interest as it is mostly just a pathway to the third. However, it does have some better opportunities for loot than the first floor.

Keep in mind that zombie spawns can vary quite a bit. This is because they can see you from anywhere and can start chasing you.

The first room we have is the Barracks on the West Side of the second floor. This is the main way of going to the third floor so keep that in mind.

It has a few large Flesh Chest Spawns alongside Goat Zombies. There are also some table spawns that give either Goop or Cosmetics.

Opening Flesh Chest in Apocalypse Rising 2.

In the North side, there is a Crypt or Tomb room that has a few Goat Zombie spawns. There can even be a Rogue Zombie here sometimes which can drop 5.56 Weapons and ammo.

Fighting Zombies in Apocalypse Rising 2.

Towards the South or Southwest side is a room that is full of Goop. There isn’t really much loot here or points of interest. Just a few zombies here and there, and a throne that you can sit on.

Citadel Throne in Apocalypse Rising 2.

Third Floor

The Third Floor is where you can arguably get the best loot in the game. So, we recommend that you explore all that it has to offer.

The best loot on this Floor can be found in the North Side. There are a few Rogue Zombies that can drop the M249 SAW and the Operator XM177. There are also a few Military Crates and Boxes that can give you more weapons and ammo.

Operator XM and M249 SAW Obtained in Apocalypse Rising 2.

This area is accessible via a broken bridge that you will need to parkour through to access this area. It is very easy to not notice this bridge and we highly recommend that you do not pass it.

Navigating Broken Bridge in Apocalypse Rising 2.

In the Southwest side of the third floor, there is a hallway that provides even more loot. There are both Abomination and Red Servant Spawns here so be careful.

There is a safe hanging on a wall that you can get a weapon from, with a few Military Crates and Ammo Boxes scattered around.

There are also Cosmetics and Items that can spawn on the floor in this area. With that said, be thorough with the hallway so that you can get everything it has to offer.

Safe in Citadel in Apocalypse Rising 2.

Heading towards the East Side, there are a few rooms that can spawn Abominations. They can also spawn Goop and Cosmetics.

In the room furthest away, there is a Military Weapon Case that can spawn some really decent weapons like the G3.

There is also an area that allows you easy access to the roof of the Citadel. Be careful as there are a few Zombies that will spawn here to cut you off.

Small Citadel Rooms with Abominations in Apocalypse Rising 2.


The Citadel roof is a fairly simple area to loot and explore. There is a Helicopter Crash Site where you can find more Rogue Zombies that drop 5.56 Weapons and Ammo. You can also find Ammo Crates, Weapon Crates, and Medicine Crates at this crash site.

Crash Site on Citadel Roof in Apocalypse Rising 2.

Other than that, there is only one Zombie spawn that you will see on the roof. These are Tattered Zombies that are just like Normal Zombies. Although, they can drop their Cosmetics if you are interested in them.

Fighting Tattered Zombies in Apocalypse Rising 2.

Red Ghillie Suit

The Red Ghillie Suit can be obtained from the top of the Citadel. This means that you will need to go even higher than the Roof.

Start by going into the corner of a pillar right next to the Helicopter Crash Site. Over here, you need to start spamming the Jump button until you reach the top of the Pillar.

Jumping on pillar near Helicopter Crash in Apocalypse Rising 2.

After that, carefully navigate upwards towards the center of the Citadel. This central area will look like a Crown.

Jumping to top of Citadel in Apocalypse Rising 2.

When you are at the top, there is a chance for the Red Ghillie Suit to appear. It will appear in the form of a Red Rift that circles around the area. Carefully go to the edge and reach out to it. Doing so will allow you to get the Red Ghillie Suit!

Acquiring Red Ghillie Suit in Apocalypse Rising 2.

That’s everything you need to know about getting loot in the new Citadel for Apocalypse Rising 2. It is an amazing Map that has been added as part of the Halloween Event for 2023. You can get some really good loot here during this event. The Red Ghillie suit especially is very unique and worth the effort of getting!

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