Apocalypse Rising 2: Complete Loot Guide Military Encampment | Summer Update

More zombies and more loot!

The new Drying Summer Update of Apocalypse Rising 2 introduces an exciting point of interest known as the Military Encampment. It is located in the center of the map, adjacent to the Destroyer shipwreck. As you venture towards the encampment, a military airplane, a military tent, and a massive cargo ship will catch your eye. To acquire a wider array of items, delve into our comprehensive Apocalypse Rising 2: Complete Loot Guide for Military Encampment | Summer Update.

Credits go to YoSoyNic on Youtube for the amazing looting tips!

Military Encampment Complete Loot Guide

This guide will provide you with valuable insights on how to maximize your loot-gathering experience at the Military Encampment during the Summer Update. Let’s dive right into it!

Military Airplane

Start by looting the military airplane. Inside, you’ll encounter pilot zombies and standard desert military zombies. Defeat them to obtain their respective Cosmetics, like the new pilot headsets and harnesses.

Plane in Apocalypse Rising 2

Once the zombies are taken care of, explore the airplane to find two military shipment crates. There is also a weapon case, and several cardboard boxes.

Don’t overlook the seats, as they might have additional cosmetic spawns.

Boxes in Apocalypse Rising 2


After finishing with the airplane, proceed directly to the military tents situated near the cargo ship. These desert military tents resemble the familiar green ones scattered across the map, such as Ashland.

Tents in Apocalypse Rising 2

Inside, you’ll discover standard weapon crates, military rations, and med kit spawns. Additionally, keep an eye out for cosmetic spawns within the tents.

Tents in Apocalypse Rising 2

Furthermore, prioritize looting the Tower adjacent to the tents. On the table and within the tower, there’s a cosmetic spawn, so remember to grab that as well.

Tower in Apocalypse Rising 2

Cargo Ship

After you eliminate the zombies and inspect the Humvees, enter the cargo ship. Inside, you’ll find some basic loot. Start by checking the front of the ship, where a zombie can drop an M14, Marksman rifle, and a few crates. Don’t forget to search the shelves for cosmetic spawns.

Cargo Ship in Apocalypse Rising 2

Humvee in Apocalypse Rising 2

Moving to the middle of the ship, you’ll find a straightforward loot area with weapon crates, ammo boxes, and a workout zone with loot spawns.

Crates in Apocalypse Rising 2

Workout Area Cargo Ship in Apocalypse Rising 2

After exploring the middle, head to the main section of the ship, where you’ll encounter more zombies and loot spots.

Middle Area Cargo Ship in Apocalypse Rising 2

Towards the back, go up the staircases, defeat the zombies, and reach the main helm of the ship, where the Captain can spawn. He commonly drops the M9 and his Cosmetics as well.

Ladder Cargo Ship in Apocalypse Rising 2

Captain Cargo Ship in Apocalypse Rising 2

Once you reach the Helm, the zombies and loot in the airplane should have respawned. Return there and repeat the process. This guide provides an ultimate loop to gear up efficiently.

Cargo Ship Helm Area in Apocalypse Rising 2


Please note that the military encampment doesn’t drop any event cosmetics but offers new non-event ones. Look for the USAF flight suit, green and black headsets, pilot harness, pilot belt holster, camo helmet, chip camo helmet, boonie, and cap among the cosmetics available at the military encampment.

New Non-Event Cosmetics in Apocalypse Rising 2

That’s pretty much everything you need to know and loot in the Military Encampment in Apocalypse Rising 2! We hope our article has helped you and if we missed some things, we would appreciate your comments down below!

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