Apocalypse Rising 2: Cosmetic Guide for the Halloween Event | 2023

Can’t I just trick-or-treat for them or something?

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Halloween is right around the corner! And in Apocalypse Rising 2, the Halloween Event update has already made its way to the game. There’s a lot of new cosmetics added that you can find and customize your character with to fit the spirit of Halloween. If you’re interested in doing so, read further and I’ll show you all the new cosmetics, as well as how to get them.

Cosmetic Guide for the Halloween Event | 2023

For this year’s event, there’s a couple cool and spooky-looking cosmetics added to the game. I’ll show all of the cosmetics, as well as how you’ll be able to acquire them.

Servant Zombies

Starting with Servant Zombies, they can be found throughout the Citadel, with a higher concentration of them spawning in the upper levels.

These zombies come in three variations: black, beige, and red. Each type drops corresponding tops and bottoms.

Moreover, the red Servants drop three unique masks (depending on what it’s wearing). Meanwhile, the beige ones offer the goat skull, and the black ones drop a broken goat skull.

Apocalypse Rising 2: Cosmetic Guide for the Halloween Event | 2023 Servant Zombies


The Citadel is home to a special boss zombie known as the Abomination. Be cautious, as it boasts twice the health of normal boss zombies. Once defeated, the Abomination may occasionally drop the awesome-looking Abomination mask.

Apocalypse Rising 2: Cosmetic Guide for the Halloween Event | 2023 Abomination

Eyeball Mask

The Eyeball Mask is a rare cosmetic that can be found in the Fairview location. While going up to the Flesh Tower, look for a room that leads you toward the heart of the Beast, where the Eyeball Zombie occasionally appears.

Upon defeating it, you can collect the Serphent tops and bottoms, as well as the Eyeball Mask.

Apocalypse Rising 2: Cosmetic Guide for the Halloween Event | 2023 Eyeball Mask

Dante AKA Demon Hunter

The enigmatic Demon Hunter roams the map randomly, similar to the White Militia from the previous event.

You can spot them in various locations, and defeating them may grant you the Demon Hunter top, duster, and a unique melee weapon, the Abomination Claw.

Dante AKA Demon Hunter Spawn Locations
Source: CLOW – YouTube

Blood Ghilie Suit/Shortcut to Citadel

At the time of writing, the Blood Ghillie suits, which should spawn near the Citadel towers, were glitched and not available.

However, you can still acquire them at the top of the Citadel. To reach the summit quickly, enter from the back of the Citadel as shown in the image below. You’ll have to jump across the stairs-like ledges and go through a small open doorway.

Blood Ghilie Suit/ Shortcut to Citadel
Source: CLOW – YouTube


As for the Jack-o’-lanterns, they can be found in the front of houses or on balconies. They also appear in various locations, such as the:

  • Mansion
  • Campgrounds
  • And the Farmer’s house on the eastern side of the map.

Moreover, Lit Jack-o’-lanterns have been seen in these locations as well.

Ghostly Jack-o’-lanterns spawn at the White Motel in Fairview, near the Walls of Flesh. Meanwhile, Charred Jack-o’-lanterns can be found on the black strip leading from the portal to the Citadel, specifically at the top of a wrecked house.

Jack-o'-lanterns Halloween Event Apocalypse Rising 2

As for the Chains, Belts, and Rags, they are currently unobtainable. Some speculations suggest a connection to a new map or changes related to the portal. What do you think?

I’d also like to give props to the awesome ClowFall, for sharing us on everything we’ll need to know about the new cosmetics for the Apocalypse Rising 2 Halloween Event 2023. You might want to check out their video as well: Quick Cosmetic Guide for the Halloween Event [PART I] | Apocalypse Rising 2 (ROBLOX).

And that’s everything you’ll need to know about the new cosmetics for the Halloween Event in Apocalypse Rising 2. Were you able to get them all? If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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