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All the most important resources in one guide!

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I’d like to share what I consider the most essential resources and their respective locations on the island in ARK: Survival Ascended. We’ll start by covering some of the basic resources along the beach. While many of these are easy to acquire on your own, I’ll show you how to obtain them efficiently from the beginning up to the important late game resources.

Resource Guide & Locations

Now, for this guide, I’ll be mentioning the most important resources in the game, as well as their locations. Also, I’d be separating them into different biomes and locations to help you identify them easier and farm them more efficiently.

Moreover, I’ll provide map images to let you locate the biomes and areas with ease. Let’s hop right into it!

The Beach

  • Stone, Wood, Thatch, and Fiber: You can gather stone, wood, thatch, and fiber with tools like a hatchet and a pickaxe.
    • A hatchet is great for getting more wood from trees, while a pickaxe yields more thatch. Hitting rocks with a hatchet gives you more flint, and using a pickaxe provides more stone.
  • Meat, Hide, and Berries: Harvesting a dinosaur’s carcass with a hatchet yields more hide, while a pickaxe gives you more meat. A sickle is a more advanced tool that excels in collecting fiber.
Ark Survival Ascended: Resource Beach

Snow Biome

  • Pelt: To collect pelt, head to the snow biome and target creatures with fur. This will help you combat the cold and create warm clothing.
  • Polymer: You can find polymer on icebergs at the edge of the map and along the snow’s edge. Using a club is the most efficient way to harvest polymer.
  • Oil: Oil can be found primarily in the snow biome and underwater.
  • Crystal: Some of the high mountains also yield oil and lots of crystal.
Ark Survival Ascended: Resource Snow Biome Location Map Image

Ark Survival Ascended: Resource Snow Biome Location Map Image

Volcano Biome & Obsidian Mountain

  • Crystal and Obsidian: For crystal and obsidian, explore the volcano area. This location is a treasure trove for high-tier resources.
  • Metal: Volcano and mountains throughout the map are great sources of metal.
Ark Survival Ascended: Resource Obsidian Mountain Location Map Image

Ark Survival Ascended: Resource Violcano Biome Location Map Image

Underwater (West 3 & Pearl Caves)

  • Silica Pearls: Look for silica pearls in underwater caves (you can pick them by hand in here) or use a high-level frog to collect them efficiently. These pearls are crucial for many crafting recipes.
    • However, as mentioned, you’ll be able to get them from the waters of West 3 as well.
  • Black Pearls: You can find these from Sea Scorpions and Trilobites underwater. The Eurypterid (Cnidaria) aka Sea Scorpions also give the toxin used in crafting cure for sickness.
Ark Survival Ascended: Resource Pearl Black Pearl Location Map Image

Swamp Biome, Honey & Sap

  • Sap: You can obtain sap by placing a sap tap on tree platforms. This resource is essential for crafting certain items.
  • Leech Blood: If you find yourself infected with swamp fever, use a frog to obtain leech blood in the swamp. This resource is necessary for crafting antidotes.
  • Honey: Collect honey from beehives but wear a full set of Ghillie to minimize bee attacks. Beehives can also give you Queen bees, which you can tame.
  • Plant X: Located in the swamp, Plant X is a valuable resource for base defenses in PvP.Plant X

Swamp Cave (Good For EXP/Cementing Paste)

  • Cementing Paste: Besides the Swamp Cave, Beaver dams, particularly along the south coast, are rich sources of cementing paste. Gather it with care as it is highly sought after in PvP.
Ark Survival Ascended: Resource Swamp Cave Location Map Image

There you have it! If you’re interested, why don’t you check this guide on ARK: Survival Ascended – All Updated OP Cave Locations & Guide as well.

That’s all the important resources and their locations in ARK Survival Ascended: The Island. I might have left some out. So, if you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Also, I’d like to give lots of thanks to ShaneTheShadow for helping us with this resource locations. Make sure to check their video as well: ARK SURVIVAL ASCENDED RESOURCE GUIDE AND LOCATIONS 2023.

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