Black Clover M: Complete Nozel Guide & Build | Skills, Gear, & Talents

How should you build the captain of the Silver Eagles?

Black Clover M: Complete Nozel Guide & Build | Skills, Gear, & Talents Featured Image

There are a ton of characters that you can collect and utilize in Black Clover M, which is a mobile game based on the popular anime and manga series of the same name.

Among these characters is Nozel Silva, who is an SSR rarity debuffer that has some niche uses throughout the game’s different game modes.

In this article, we’ll be going through the best way to build him and which teams he fits in.

Complete Nozel Guide & Build | Skills, Gear, & Talents

As mentioned earlier, Nozel’s role is a debuffer, and while he is not generally considered to be a great character to have, he still has some uses. His abilities are as follows:

  • Silver Bullets – In addition to dealing damage to the target, it has a relatively high chance of inflicting Poison for multiple turns.
  • Silver Whip – This ability deals damage to all enemies and inflicts them with Reduced Magic Attack for two turns.
  • Rain of Silver – Another ability that hits all enemies, this one also inflicts Disarm for multiple turns, which reduces damage dealt by a significant amount.
  • Combined Attack – This character’s combined attack inflicts SP -2 on the target, and it has a 60% chance of giving them a single turn of Buff Block.
  • United Attack – When paired with Fuegoleon Vermillion, his United Attack strikes all enemies and has a chance to inflict both Buff Block and Incapacitate.
  • Unique Passive – Gains 12% Fortify whenever he has three or more SP.
  • Enhanced Passive – Slightly increases his damage dealt if at least one enemy has an active debuff. Enhancing him is generally not recommended.
Black Clover M Nozel

Skill Page & Equipment Sets

Ideally, you should use his signature Royal’s Duty skill page. Its passive, which grants a small chance of applying Reduced Special Points to attackers, is not particularly great.

With that said, his signature page adds 10% increased damage for every Continuous Damage effect on the target when using Silver Whip. This makes it a great option for teams that utilize damage over time.

Alternatively, you could use Blooming Talent to add Defense Reduction to your special skill. Cunning Commander can also be great as it simply gives you the chance to reduce your enemies’ speed upon attacking.

Rose’s Thorn can also be an option if you have a team centered around dealing massive critical hits, as it gives you a chance to inflict Reduced Crit RES on each attack.

If you lack these options or simply want to boost his survivability, then you can slot it any skill page that grants bonus defense and endurance, suchas Silent Stone.

Black Clover M Nozel Skill Page

As for his gear, you simply have to maximize his speed and magic attack. For specific gear sets, you will want to build full Secret of the Deep Sea as this will grant him the most speed and ensure that he goes first.

Aside from that, the remaining gear slots can be used for a defensive set, such as The Great Merchant’s Collection. This is because you don’t want him going down immediately before you can fully utilize his debuffs.

Black Clover M Nozel Gear

Talent Trees

For Nozel’s talents, attack generally does not matter much due to his role, so you can choose Increased MATK and Battle Frenzy for this one.

Under defense, just choose the ol’ reliable Increased DEF and Endurance combo that you should be using on most characters anyway.

Finally, for the support nodes, Swiftness and Increased DMG RES works well if you will be using his special skill a lot. Otherwise, replace Swiftness with Mage’s Blessing.

Black Clover M Nozel Talent Trees

Potential Team Setups

When it comes to team setups, if you have his signature skill page, you can run a PVE team based around damage over time effects. For that setup, you will need the following characters:

  • Nozel – Debuffer that will try to capitalize on damage over time effects with his special skill.
  • Fuegoleon – In addition to enabling his and Nozel’s United Attack, he also specializes in damage over time.
  • Leopold He can apply damage over time, and he also benefits from it.
  • Charmy (Swimsuit) Just a generally great healer to have and will help keep this team alive.
Black Clover M Nozel Team 1

As for PVP, Nozel is not really an ideal pick for the game mode, but if you really want to use him there, slot him into a full blue team such as the following:

  • Nozel – Will have various useful debuffs that can change depending on his equipped skill page.
  • Lotus Will provide further debuffs and help with damage somewhat.
  • MarsGreat tank that will help buy you time as this team essentially relies on winning a battle of attrition.
  • Charmy (Swimsuit) – Again, just a generally good healer and coincidentally a blue unit as well.

If you are looking for more builds & guides like this one, make sure to check out our complete guide for all characters and their builds in Black Clover M!

Black Clover M Nozel Team 2

And that is pretty much it for Nozel Silva in Black Clover M. There are much better options out in the game right now, but if you do manage to pull him, you may as well use this guide to get the most use out of him until you can find a more “meta” debuffer.

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