Black Clover M: How To Beat Stage 7 Plaitchidna Raid Easily

Who said beating Plaitchidna was difficult?

Black Clover M: How To Beat Stage 7 Plaitchidna Raid Easily Featured Image

A difficult new raid event featuring the boss Plaitchidna has been added to the popular mobile role-playing game Black Clover M. In two separate stages, players’ abilities will be put to the test against this shape-shifting opponent. 

While this boss might seem like it is going to be a tough one to beat, it is actually possible for you to beat it easily if you know what to do. This boss has several stages for you to complete, and in this guide, we are going to talk about how to beat stage 7.

How To Beat Stage 7 Plaitchidna Raid Easily

In every stage where you are going to fight against Plaitchidna, there are going to be two phases you will need to complete.

If you know the most important things about this boss and are ready to face it, this challenge will not be as difficult as you might think.

Black Clover M Plaitchidna Raid 2 Phases

In order to beat stage 7 of the Plaitchidna Raid event easily, you should first know what to expect from the phases.

Things You Should Know 

Before you try to beat this powerful boss, you need to make sure that you have the best team for every occasion. In order to do this, you should first have some information about the boss itself.

Throughout the first phase, Plaitchidna’s poison and bleeding abilities will continuously induce damage over time.

Also, it builds up to unleash a devastating ultimate attack that multiplies damage dealt by the amount of damage-over-time debuffs your characters are currently wearing.

In response, players must concentrate on increasing their DPS and eliminating Plaitchidna as soon as possible to prevent it from using its ultimate in the first phase.

Black Clover M Plaitchidna Raid

The second phase involves new challenges to overcome. At this phase, Plaitchidna is going to have the ability to negate debuffs and gain a turn-long immunity to them.

It will also enhance its own abilities. For a more in-depth guide on this boss, we recommend you take a look at our Plaitchidna Raid Guide as well.

Forming A Team

As we already mentioned, your team setup is the most important thing when you are facing this powerful boss.

You will have no trouble defeating it if you manage to get yourself a strong team. However, you should make sure to set your team depending on the phases as well. 

For each phase, we are going to give you a team setup recommendation. However, there might be more than one combination when it comes to defeating this boss.

Therefore, feel free to leave a comment below and share your own opinions as well.

Black Clover M Plaitchidna Raid Part 7

Phase 1 Team 


Phase 2 Team 

  • Attacker: Julius
  • Debuffers: Nebra and Lotus
  • Defender: Mars


Team Tactics

Now that you have formed your teams for each phase, it is time to talk about the tactics you can use in the raid. First of all, start the first phase with a regular buff of Rhya.

After that, try to use Charlotte for debuffs. Keep using the abilities of your team members, but do not use your ultimate powers yet.

Next, use skill 2 of Rhya. Doing this will help you build your team members with buffs that will help them throughout the battle.

Then, you can use the combined attack of Rhya and Charlotte. Later, you can finally use the ultimate ability of Gauche.

Once you beat phase one, the raid will automatically move on to the next phase. This one might look a little more complicated, but you do not have anything to worry about.

In this phase, you should focus on attacking the boss as much as you can. However, be careful with one of your teammates dying as well.

If one of your teammates is not as buffed as it should be, you might consider bringing a healer with you.

Try to use your ultimate attacks as much as you can during this phase, and you will eventually pass this one as well. 

Team Setup

Ensuring that your team members have the necessary equipment is another crucial consideration when attempting to defeat Plaitchidna’s stage 7.

However, we promised you an easy guide, and we have it right here. For the members other than your Main DPS Attacker, you do not actually have to work too much.

You can easily beat this boss by giving your supporters and debuffers enough gear to strengthen their defense and make them survive a little longer.

To see an example, you can take a look at the picture below to see Gauche’s gear.

Black Clover M Plaitchidna Equipment

However, your attacker should be a little bit stronger. Especially in the first phase. Thus, try to level up Rhya’s ultimate ability as much as you can.

In the example below, his ultimate is at level 4. With the gear we have shown below, you can increase his crit ability as well. 

For the second phase, it is the same as well. Try to give your team members gear that could make them survive longer. But make sure to enhance your attacker as much as you can.

In the example we gave before, our attacker was Julius Novachrono. You really need to work on him a lot. First, make sure to level up his abilities, especially his ultimate ability.

Black Clover M Plaitchidna Raid Julius For Easy Win

Then, give him gear that will increase his magic attack and crit rate. This way, he will deal so much more damage, and you are going to beat stage 7 much easier.

This is everything we are going to talk about in this guide. If you can follow our instructions, you are going to see that beating phase 7 of Plaitchidna is actually very easy. If you have any other questions about this, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Also, feel free to share your own team preferences to help others out!

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