Blox Fruits: Light Fruit PvP Guide

One of the more flashier fruits out there!

Blox Fruits Light Fruit Attack

Getting a new fruit in Blox Fruits and learning all the new skills and such can be challenging. Finding out what weapons and fight style work best with the fruits can take some time. Sometimes you just want to know what the best combinations are without experimenting.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to do PVP with the Light Fruit in the game. Now, let’s see what this fruit has to offer!

Light Fruit PvP Guide

We’ll go through the things you need to know about the Light Fruit. We’ll also show you what are the best weapons to pair with this fruit and what combos you can make with those weapons. The guide also covers the best fighting style for it as well as the best race.

Practice Learning The Skills

If this is your first time ever using the Light Fruit in Blox Fruits, then the best way to test out the skills is through the Training Dummy. This is also where you can test out all sorts of combos for you to learn later on. Learning what each skill does is important in PVP.

Also make sure that you have your Light Fruit fully awakened to maximize your chances in PVP.

Blox Fruits Training Dummy

The Light Fruit has the fastest flying skill out there, but it’s effected by your HP. When your HP is low, you’ll be slow when you use Shining Flight so make sure to keep that in mind. Use Shining Flight to open up a fight, gain height advantage and so on.

Blox Fruits Shining Flight

Gear, Fighting Styles and Race

Most people use Cursed Dual Katanas or the Dark Blade with the Light Fruit and even though that’s great it’s not really needed. You can get great combos with just a Spikey Trident and either a Serpent Bow or Kabucha or even the Soul Guitar.

If you want to know how to get the Spikey Trident, you can check out our guide on how to get the weapon. Be sure to check that out so you can use it with your Light Fruit!

Blox Fruits Spikey Trident

For the Fighting Style the best one for the Lightfruit is Superhuman just because of the combo potential it gives. When choosing a race for the Light Fruit you can either go with the good all-rounder Shark race or the Angel race.


The combos below depend on the ranged weapon that you’re using. It’s highly suggested that you learn these combos through the training dummy first before jumping into PVP. These are the combos for the Serpent Bow, Kabucha and Soul Guitar:

  1. Godhuman: Sixth Realm Gun – Light: Lightspeed Destroyer – Spikey Trident: Flying Trident Pull – Serpent Bow: Snake Bind – Light: Divine Arrow – Light: Hand of the Emperor – Godhuman: Heaven and Earth – Godhuman: Soaring Beast.
  2. Godhuman: Sixth Realm Gun – Light: Lightspeed Destroyer – Kabucha: Intense Wind – Light: Wrath of God – Light: Divine Arrow – Light: Hand of the Emperor.
  3. Godhuman: Sixth Realm Gun – Light: Lightspeed Destroyer – Soul Guitar: Soul Shaker – Light: Hand of the Emperor – Light: Divine Arrow – Godhuman: Heaven and Earth – Godhuman: Soaring Beast.

With this information you now know how to do PVP with the Light Fruit in Blox Fruits. Good luck with PVP and hopefully you get the hang of this fruit!

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