Blox Fruits: Rarest Titles List

Earn your lordship!

Blox Fruits Rarest Titles List

It’s always a good idea to let others know of your stature while playing Blox Fruits. That’s what the titles are for after all. Just think about it, every time a player sees you and the title floating above your head, they’ll know exactly what you did in order for you to get it.

Getting some of the titles in Blox Fruits range from leaving your PC open and watching your electricity bill shoot through the roof, to needlessly difficult. But don’t worry, we’ve went and gathered a list for you to take a look at that has the Rarest Titles that won’t ask you for too much!

Rarest Titles List in Blox Fruits

Leaving your PC open is actually what some of the titles will ask from you in Blox Fruits. That’s what you need to do in order to get the Dracula Achievement. Get that one out of the way by staying online for 12 hours without disconnecting. Here are some other rare titles that are worth getting!


To get this title, you have to unlock every purchasable Aura Color in the game. These are cosmetic items that outline the color of your Aura. The Regular and Legendary Colors can be bought with Fragments from the Master of Auras. You can find the NPC on the Second or Third Sea.

Blox Fruits Rarest Titles List NPC

Do note that some Aura Colors like Rainbow Saviour are quest specific and cannot be bought normally. Another method of getting these colors are buying them from the Colors Specialist using Robux.

Blox Fruits Rarest Titles List

Immortal Being

To get the Immortal Being Title, you have to survive an encounter from another player and have only one point of HP left. You might want to get a friend to do this with you if you want your hairline to recede at a slower rate.

Blox Fruits Rarest Titles List

Raging Demon

A more combat focused title since you have to kill 20 players without dying. If you’re lucky enough, you can get this and Immortal Being at the same time!

Blox Fruits Rarest Titles List


Roblox and Youtube go hand in hand these days. To get the Youtuber title, you need to have a Youtube channel with 1000 subscribers. On top of that, you also have to join the Blox Fruits Discord Server. Play enough Blox Fruits while making content weekly and you just might be able to get this title for yourself.

Blox Fruits Rarest Titles List

Pirate King

Last but not the last, the Pirate King Title. To let others know how much Blox Fruits you play, you have to be in the Top 10 crew leaderboard with the highest bounty. That translate directly into having lots of PvP experience.

Blox Fruits Rarest Titles List

Those are one of the rarest titles that you can try and motivate yourself to get in Blox Fruits! So have you got any of the ones mentioned on the list so far?

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