DAMWON Loki PUBG Pro All Settings | 2022

Check these settings out by DAMWON Loki!

DAMWON Loki has his own in-game settings that all ordinary players would like to know. DAMWON Loki is a popular gamer who primarily plays PUBG mobile and is very good at it. Loki is part of the DAMWON Gaming (also known as DAMWON KIA), a Korean e-sports organization. In November 17th, DAMWON Gaming entered competitive PUBG Mobile.

PUBG: DAMWON Loki Pro All Settings | 2022

When we talk about PUBG everyone wants to know how to improve their gameplay, specifically what settings they can fix. And when we want to improve, we need to emulate the best. As one of the top PUBG Mobile players, Loki has his own unique settings.

Here’s a look at how a pro gamer like Loki adjusts the options on his mouse:

Targeting Sensitivity36
Vehicle Sensitivity36
Vertical Sensitivity1.5
General Sensitivity36
Iron Sight Sens36
Scope (2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 15x)36

Video and Graphics Settings

DAMWON Loki plays the game in 144Hz refresh rate, the resolution of his choice is 1920×1080, FOV 103, and screen scale is at 100.

In terms of graphics settings: Anti-Aliasing, Post-Processing, Shadows, Effects, Foliage, Motion Blur, V-Sync and Sharpen are all set on either very low or disabled.

He only sets Textures and View Distance on Medium.

Key Binds

Let’s take a closer look at DAMWON Loki’s controls:

WalkL Ctrl
SpringL Shift
JumpSpace Bar
Toggle CameraV
FreelookL Alt
FireLeft Mouse Button
Previous WeaponMouse Wheel Down
Primary Weapon 1&21 / 2
Side Arm3
Melee Weapon4
Toggle Firing ModeB
Peek LeftQ
Peek RightE
Increase ZeroingPage Up
Decrease ZeroingPage Down
Toggle Throwing StanceRight Mouse Button
Cook GrenadeR

Which of the above settings have you applied in your own gameplay?

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