TL jeemzz PUBG Pro All Settings | 2022

Take a look at the settings of the best, TL jeemzz!

As one of the pro players, TL Jeemzz has his own in-game settings that all ordinary players would like to know. Jeemz is a popular Twitch streamer who primarily plays PUBG and is very good at it. He is currently playing in Team Liquid. Currently on the team he plays alongside are ibiza, Jembty, and Sambty.

PUBG TL jeemzz All Settings | 2022

It is not surprising that everyone is interested in the settings of a top tier player, what is the secret, how Yamzz plays so well, and how his performance is always at a high level.

Aside from the skill and experience, of course, it will boil down to the settings in PUBG. We will list them all in more detail below.

Let’s take a look at how TL Jeemzz set up his mouse options:

Vertical Sensitivity0.70
General Sensitivity30
Targeting Sensitivity20
Vehicle Sensitivity35
Iron Sight Sens20
Scope (2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 15x)20

Video and Graphics Settings

TL Jeemzz plays the game in 1728X1080 resolution with 144Hz refresh rate in full screen; fov I set at 103, brightness at 79, screen scale at 100.

In addition, all settings that can take away FPS such as Textures, Effects, Post Processing, View Distance, Motion Blur, Sharpen, Shadows and others are either turned off or are set on low and very low settings.

Key Binds

Let’s take a closer look at TL James’s controls, what he did differently and what choices he made in binding.

WalkL Ctrl
SprintL Shift
JumpSpace bar
Toggle CameraThumb Mouse Button
AutoRunNum Lock
FreelookL Alt
FireL Mouse Button
Aim/ADSR Mouse Button
Next WeaponMouse wheel up
Previous WeaponMouse wheel down
Primary Weapon 1 / 21 / 2
Side Arm3
Melee Weapon4
Use GrenadeG
Use Med Kit7
Use BandageF1
Use First Aid KitF2
Push to TalkCaps Lock
Toggle OptionsO
Peek LeftQ

Find any similarities with your settings?

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