TL Sambty PUBG Pro All Settings | 2022

Ready to play PUBG like TL Sambty?

Samu “Sambty” is a Finnish player who previously played for Team Liquid. As of writing, he is currently in Welcome to South Georgo. His plays in the PUBG Europe League in 2019 and PUBG Global Invitational in 2018 made him one of the most popular players for PUBG.

Sambty PUBG Settings Latest —2022

Many players aspire to become like TL Sambty, which explains why players want to learn more about his in-game settings. As of writing, here is PUBG Pro player TL Sambty’s settings:

First of all, Sambty is using a Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse:

General Sensitivity30
Aim Sensitivity30
ADS Sensitivity30

Compared to other pro players of PUBG, Sambty has a higher DPI setting but lower general sensitivity.

Hardware & Settings

Sambty plays on an Alienware AW2518H monitor in a 1728×1080 resolution. His monitor has 240 Hz with a 95 FOV setting.

He uses a Razer Blackwidow TE keyboard during his plays in PUBG. In addition, Sambty also uses a Bose QC20 for his headset.

Graphics Settings

When it comes to the Graphics Settings, Sambty uses a GTX 1060 GPU, which can be surprising as it is an older GPU series. Sambty also uses a lower FOV of 95, which can help boost the performance of his gameplay.

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