Disable Microphone & Speaker On PS5 Controller On PC

Stop sound interference from your PS5 controller!

While using the PS5 controller on your PC, there is a possibility of interfering with the sounds of the controller and other sound devices. How do we solve this problem?

PS5 Controller On PC | Disable Microphone & Speaker

So, we know that the PS5 controller has a speaker and microphone which is useful when playing on PlayStation. Playing with your PC controller, however, may interfere with the microphone or speaker controller and the headphones or speakers that you use on your PC.

You may also want to only use the headphones and microphone that you have on your PC. To get rid of this, right-click on the sound icon in the lower right corner and open Sound Settings.

Then, open the Sound Control Panel. A window will open and you will find the Playback option. Find the speaker icon that says Wireless Controller.

Right-click on it and select Disable. Next, click on the Recording option and find the Headset Microphone option that says Wireless Controller, go and disable it and that will turn off the microphone.

Now, if you do not have sound on your speakers, you may have selected the wrong speaker or microphone to turn off.

Check this one and again, go to the sound option and select the correct speaker that you are using.

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