Dumpster Diving: How to Decommission Chica – Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach

It’s time to retire, Chica! Just don’t mind me getting your voice box, okay?

After turning on the generator for the Trash Compacter, Chica is on her way to chase you down. You need to press the Trash button during the cutscene, but the fight is not over yet. Find out how to defeat Chica once and for all using this guide!

How to Decommission Chica – Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach

After the cutscene in the Kitchen Basement, you will enter the dumpster with Chica. You need to collect the Voice Box from Chica and escape from the dumpster. 

Go north and you will see a save spot. Keep heading north, through the dumpster until you reach a door at the end of the hallway.

Enter the door and turn right, you will see a flashlight recharge station here. Head north and turn left, into one of the sewage tunnels. Follow the path until you reach a ramp leading down to B3. From here, go left and do a turnaround, following the white tubes

Turn on the first generator and guess what? Chica will start chasing you again

Head back up to the flashlight recharger and head to the door to the north. Press the button and enter the door, going through the series of wooden planks

When you reach the end of the hallway, jump up on the metal tubes and turn left. Follow the hallway here and use the save spot here if you need it. Keep heading north until you see another flashlight recharging station. 

From here, turn left and follow the green wire on the ground. Keep following the green wire, sprinting away from Chica and you will find the generator at the end of the wire. 

Turn on the generator and backtrack your way to the flashlight recharging station. 

Enter the door by activating the button. Keep heading up until you reach the red door. Enter the red door and use the save spot here if you need to. 

After entering the second door, you will be back in the basement. Avoid the security bots and head north. Turn left and once you are in the next area, keep heading north. You will see Chica here so stun her and turn on the generator next to her. 

Enter the open door to your north and follow the pathway until you reach the rusty green door. Head inside and climb the green staircase. When you reach the recharging station, enter the door parallel to it. 

Head back out to the kitchen and enter the red and blue door. Turn left and enter the closed blue door, you should be right back to where you left Freddy. Get out of the area and enter the Staff Only door. 

Use the recharge station from before and enter the service elevator again. Enter the red door to your north to get back to the main stage. Push the button on the main stage and you will see a door with a B2 sign.

Enter the door and sprint towards the two red doors. This will lead you to Parts and Services in the 2nd basement. 

Use the machine in the middle of the room and select the Voice box upgrade

Head inside the protective cylinder and follow the pattern correctly to upgrade Freddy’s Voice box.

And with that, you defeated Chica and used her Voice box to upgrade Freddy’s. 

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