Dysmantle: Wayward Storage Key Location

How to Find Wayward Storage Key Location

In Dysmantle you have options for performing various missions, finding locations, and quests that bring you certain rewards. As we all know in Dysmantley you can dismantle small vehicles/rocks, thin stone/brick walls, and the largest metal devices of course with appropriate tools.

Wayward Storage Key Location – Dysmantle

Find the storage key in Wayward reads the quest you have called Phony Shipment. Finding this key is pretty easy. As he writes at the beginning of the mission.

The key is forgotten in the pants and they are in the washing machine.

Head to Wayward, you need to find the westernmost house in Vineyard. On the way to the house, you will surely meet enemy creatures, be aware of them them.

You will find the exact location of the house below. At the entrance to the house you will have to kill the creature and then head to the washing machine. Click on it and here you will find the key. With that, you have almost completed the mission.

Then you will have a goal to enter the locked storage in Wayward. It will be marked on the map.

Unlock the door and thus complete this mission.

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