Dysmantle: Iron Farming Guide | Get Iron Fast

Need to craft weapons? Collect iron quickly to do so!

Iron is one of the sources that are essential in Dysmantle. You need Iron Ore to make weapons like the machete stronger. This guide will show you where you can get Iron Ore in Dysmantle quickly for your metalwork.

How To Get Iron Fast — Dysmantle

During the early game, you can get iron by using your crowbar and destroying items like heaters and radiators. You should also watch out for pipes and traffic signs on the walls. Sometimes, these items are hidden in vegetation and you need to look for them closely.

If you are still in the starting area, you should focus on defeating the boss because most of the items for iron can be found in the next area. You can do this by hitting the boss and running away. Patience is key in defeating this boss.

Once you are in the mid-game in the Evacuation site there are a lot of iron fences that you can break. These iron fences give you one iron ore for each chain, and you can get a lot of iron easily by using a baseball bat or explosive.

And there you have it, you should be able to find a lot of iron resources after defeating the first boss.

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