Dysmantle: Corrective Facility Key Location

How to find Corrective Facility Key

It is not easy to find the keys to the quests in Dysmantle. Below are a few things you need to do to find a corrective facility ley location. Just follow them and you will be fine.

Corrective Facility Key Location in Dysmantle

In the Corrective Facility, you will have a quest for which you will need a key because you will not be able to open the gate that leads further into the prison.

For that, you will need to point yourself in the direction of the admin wing of the Corrective Facility and search for the key there.

You will need to search in one of the starting rooms on the right side of the Corrective Facility. It looks more like a hallway.

Here you will find a trail that will take you to Curtisfield North at the police station.

Search the police station and find the key, you can see the exact location of the key on the picture above then open the gate in the Correctional Facility.

It can be said that this is a pretty easy key to find.

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