Dysmantle: Rubber Farming Guide | Get Rubber Fast

What should you do to farm rubber fast?

As we know in Dysmantle, you can dismantle small vehicles/rocks, thin stone/brick walls, and the largest metal devices of course with the appropriate tools. Combining resources to obtain a particular resource can be complicated. And rubber is one of those particular resource. Here we will show you how you can farm rubber fast.

Get Rubber Fast | Rubber Farming Guide Dysmantle

Quick resource farming can be done by killing zombies that are providing a specific resource.

NOTE: Not every zombie gives the same resource.

When it comes to rubber you should head to Camp Fire which is marked on the map below.

Go between the rocks and the house, then behind the next house. And then, when you reach the blue van, you will find the Puker Zombie.

First, you will run into a regular zombie that can be killed easily. But the Spit is the one who will give you rubber.

To beat it you need to follow an easy pattern. When the zombie starts to puke at you, go behind and hit it. Continuously hit the zombie until you finally kill it.

Basically, you will need to repeat this procedure to many of the same zombies. Then, return to Camp Fire and check all the rubber that you successfully farmed!

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