Dysmantle: Scavenger Hunt Quest Guide

Quick Walk Through the Scavenger Hunt Quest

In Dismantal you have options for performing various missions and quests that bring you certain rewards. To perform quests you need to collect various objects or resources.

Scavenger Hunt Quest Guide – Dysmantle

One such quest is the scavenger hunt quest, in this quest it can be problematic to find locations of all the resources.

You start this quest in Chalice. Looking at the map, to start the quest go to the third house from top to bottom.

When you start the quest for the first task you will need to find the blue radiator, you will find it in the big house in the middle of the map.

The next thing you will need is an orange tombstone. You will find it west of Chalice.

More precisely you will find it in the southernmost part of the map of Chalice, at the beginning of the canyon.

Then you will need the yellow godfather clock. Yellow godfather clock can be find it in the Northwest part of the map in the Long Log Cabin.

In the end, you just have to dig into the reward.

You will find it a little west of the Long Log Cabin between two stones. They are also visible on the map.

Here you will dig up the treasure and thus complete the quest.

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