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RimWorld Biotech: All Mechanoids Tier List

Mechs for days!

If you’ve played Rimworld for at least 5 seconds you should know that there are a lot of things that want to kill your colonists in the game. We all know that feeling of starting up the game for the first time, being confused on what to do, and suddenly a man-eating squirrel starts cutting your colony down because you don’t know how to draft pawns. The game can be brutal, from waves of pirates dropping down from the sky to your kitchen to an entire mechanoid base assembling itself in 5 seconds next to your crop fields. In this article we’ll show you a tier list of all the mechanoids in the game.

All Mechanoids Tier List For RimWorld Biotech

With the recent Biotech DLC it added a bunch of new mechanoids in the game, but there are still the old mechanoids that you know and hate.

The difference is that some of these mechanoids that used to destroy your base can now be controlled by you! So, here’s a tier list of the mechanoids on how dangerous they are and how great they are as allies.

S – Tier

  • Fabricator – Automatic crafting bots, what’s not to love? Of course they’re slot and only make normal tier stuff, but they can do a lot from stone cutting to cooking, the latter can be very useful at any stage of the game.
  • Cleansweeper – A roomba, so it’s automatically an S-tier mechanoid. Cleaning your colony can be a pain, and automating it to a roomba instead of a colonist is always good.
  • Tunneler – The best mechs for mountain bases and they can even tank a lot with their shield and powerful melee attack. Plus they look cool with those big crab claw-like arms.
  • Centipede (heavy charge blaster) – We all know centipedes and we all know about the charge blaster variant. The thing is with the newest DLCs you can have them as pets. Tanky, with a charge blaster, instant S-tier.
  • War queen – One of the Mechanoid bosses that were introduced with Biotech. It can eat metal and spew out War Urchin Mechs which are powerful in swarms.

A – Tier

  • Lifter – Automatic Hauler mechanoid, they haul things. They’re a bit slower than baseline humans though but hauling is still important.
  • Agrihand – Autmatic farmers, great if you want to make large plantations.
  • Tesseron – One of the newest enemies in the game that you can also have as a pet. Has the new Beam Graser Weapon that is a laser that goes to different tiles, lighting things on fire. Very cool.
  • Centipede (Gunner) – The minigun variant of the Centipede, not as good as the Charge blaster but still tanky.
  • Centipede (Fire) – It has a canon that shoots fire, annoying to fight, great as allies since they’re still tanky.
  • Diabolus – One of the Mechanoid bosses. Has a cool Hellsphere Canon that is slow to shoot but makes a lot of fire. It also has a long range, low damage but low startup time pulse bullet. Tough to fight but great as allies.

B – Tier

  • Constructor – Automatic construction mechanoids. They’re slower at building than humans but if you have a swarm of them they can make buildings in no time. Has a shotgun which is a plus, but not very good at combat.
  • Legionary – A shielded version of the Pikeman, though the shield isn’t that great. Still has it though which is a plus above the pikeman.
  • Scyther – Probably the poster boy of mechanoid raids. Dangerous in swarms, not so dangerous alone.
  • Lancer – Another possible poster boy of mechanoid raids. Long range it hits hard, plus the sound their gun make is cool.
  • Centurion – Lumbering giant of a mech that has a charge blaster turret that can shoot on the move. It has a shield and looks intimidating at first but is actually pretty easy to take down.

C – Tier

  • Pikeman – Has a needle gun but dies when you hit it with a stick hard enough.
  • Scorcher – It spews fire everywhere and is annoying to fight against and is not even that great as an ally since it’s also squishy.
  • Apocriton – One of the mechanoid bosses in the game and is honestly underwhelming. It can resurrect mechs for sure, but other than that it’s not much of a threat.

F – Tier

  • War urchin – The War queen’s babies. Good in swarms, but if you have only a couple of them might as well use them to clear mines or something.
  • Militor – A mechanoid that is armed with cheap combat shotgun, great in swarms but it has low range so it usually gets cut down before getting close.
  • Termite – One of the mechanoids you can’t have as an ally with the DLC. It’s weak and its only good at destroying my perfectly made walls, very annoying, priority mortar target.

Congratulations you now know what are the best and worst mechanoids in Rimworld. Some of these can change a bit since the new mechanoids are still being patched here and there. Now go out there and try to get your favorite mechanoid, except the Termite, the termite can just go away.

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