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Far Cry 6: How to Get the Parkour Gear Set | Location

Turn into a true running machine!

Far Cry 6 is set to release in 2 days and we already have some bits and pieces of information for you! Of course, you’ll probably read this when it’s out, so let’s get into it. You are here for the Parkour Gear Set that will make you run around the substitute of Cuba like your life depends on it! Oh wait, it does. This special gear will increase your speed and your stamina, making you into a real parkourist and get you ready to explore the starting locations of Far Cry 6.

How to Get the Parkour Gear Set Location – Far Cry 6

To get this straight out of the get go, the gear can all be found on Quito, a region to the West that you will need to be around Rank 10 to explore properly.

Once you’ve reached Quito, you will only need to gather a total of 5 pieces of clothing, which are:

  • Parkour Shorts (Leg Gear)

In the Northeastern part of Quito, in the location shown above you will reach a fenced off area that has a transmission tower in the middle of it.

Climb the tower with your grapple and on top you will see the chest with the gear. You will also see the chest on your mini map, so it will be pretty easy to find.

  • Parkour Cap (Head Gear)

To get the Parkour Cap you will need to go a bit to the North from where you were and you will find another chest.

As shown above, you will find a chest at that location if you climb a ladder that leads to a wooden ledge.

  • Parkour Hoodie (Chest Gear)

If you walk down the beach road to the East of Quito you will find a little campsite with a bit of wooden infrastructure.

You will see the chest shining right there, on the leaves that have grown over.

  • Parkour Kicks (Foot Gear)

In the Northern part of the region, you will find a pond that’s really close to a fort. If you dive into it, avoiding the angry fish, you will find a chest underwater.

  • Parkour Strap (Wrist Gear)

The last piece of clothing will be a bit to the North from the last location and can be found in another campsite. You will see it shining next to a bag.

Once you’ve equipped the gear, your stamina, speed and stamina recovery will increase. Your speed will further increase if you have your weapon in your holster. As a 2 star gear, it gets the job done.

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