Final Fantasy XIV: Does Buying Endwalker DLC Unlock All Expansions?

Is this finally the moment to buy a DLC?

With the recent announcement for the Endwalker DLC that will come out in November for the critically acclaimed MMO Final Fantasy XIV, new players wonder if paying for this expansion will get them the previous three DLCs as well. That is a fair question, of course, since normally, this is not the case. If you buy an expansion for a game, you won’t get the previous ones as a bonus. But will this be the case for Final Fantasy XIV? Find out by reading the rest of the article!

Will Purchasing Endwalker Unlock All DLCs in Final Fantasy XIV?

Many discussions have started lately about this subject, because new initiates in the Final Fantasy MMO would like to get the full package for the new price of one expansion.

Stormblood and Shadowbringers are also some great DLCs that you will want to play. And people will want them to come together with Endwalker.

And, the good news is, that if you buy the Endwalker expansion at release, you will get the other three expansions as well! That is great news indeed!

But, a good disclaimer to know is that, if you preorder Endwalker now, you will not be able to access the other DLCs until November 23rd.

So if you’re a newbie that has fallen in love with the game and are desperate to try out the other expansions, buy them now.

The developers deserve some love for the effort they have put into the game and the constant expansions they bring to the table.

Again, if you want to get them all though, wait until the 23rd of November and buy the Endwalker DLC to get all the content this game has to offer!

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