New World: How To Get Honey | Honey Locations

It is said that honey is the drink of the gods…

As you wonder the beautiful world of New World, you might wonder where some of the basic resources are. Some of them can’t be easily found, all over the world, and since this map is so big, you wouldn’t want to scour every bit of land in search of something that we know where to find. In this quick guide, you will learn about the special places on the map in which you can find some delicious honey! Just avoid the bees, and you’re good!

How To Get Honey – New World

There are several places you can collect honey from:

  • Willete’s Homestead

  • Forellac

To get the one at Willette’s Homestead, fast travel to the Hermit’s Shrine in the Windshard region and advance South. Afterwards, look around the Southwest and Southeast.

You can even pass the river to look around a bit. The trees out of which you’ll get honey look like normal trees, but they have a lot of yellow on them.

It will be pretty hard to miss them. Just look in between trees and you’ll see the ones that stand out. If you can’t loot them, that means that someone has already done it. Just look for another one.

The second one can be found West of Forellac, in the First Light region. You can check out the map below to see where the trees are:

Some of them will also be Southeast of Forellac, so look around there as well.

To gather the honey, hold “E” for 6 seconds and you will gain something between 20-40 honey. Unfortunately, you will get no experience out of this task.

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