Final Fantasy XIV: What Is The Max Level Cap In Endwalker DLC?

Reaching level 1000 will be the cap one day…

The developers of Final Fantasy XIV have announced a new DLC coming out this November. If we’re to judge from previous additions to the game, this DLC will probably bring a lot to the table! With the hype the community is giving the expansion, a well asked question has been asked: Will the level cap rise for this DLC, as it had for the previous ones? Well, here is the answer to this easy to answer question!

What’s The Max Level You Can Get In Endwalker DLC?

We have gotten used to the constant increase of the level cap throughout the expansions.

The original limit was 60 for the base game. After Stormblood we got a rise to level 70 and with Shadowbringers it got up to 80.

That is a 10 level increase by DLC. That is quite big.

From the known increase and comments by the developers, is is pretty sure that, after buying the Endwalker expansion, the level cap for the game will be 90.

Since, if you get the Endwalker DLC, you will also get the other expansions, the level cap will not be lower than 90.

With this information, know that you will probably get to that level just through main quests, which is pretty near.

So if you want to be close to the cap, at around level 80, and not have to grind up from level 60, get the other expansions, experience them, and get ready to play Endwalker in November.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Does Buying Endwalker DLC Unlock All Expansions?

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