Five Nights At Freddy’s (FNAF): Security Breach is another installment of the FNAF franchise. It is a single-player survival horror game where you will get to play as a little boy, Gregory. Your task together with Freddy is to survive until morning, look for clues and solve the mystery behind the Pizzaplex.

Game Information

Game Overview

Play together with Freddy as you try to solve the mysteries of the Pizzaplex in this survival horror game. Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach offers new mechanics and more depth in the world of FNAF. Hunt for collectibles and either run, stun, or hide from animatronics and security robots as you try to survive until morning.

Release Date:December 17, 2021
Developed by:Steel Wool Studios
Published by:ScottGames
Platforms:Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
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The Pizzaplex is very, very wide. You’ll probably get lost one way or another trying to run and hide from animatronics and security robots, or even while fulfilling a quest or just hunting for collectibles. For this, you will need to always rely on your map that you can access in your Faz Watch.

The Pizzaplex overall has 4 levels, a ground floor and 2 basement areas. Indicators as to where Freddy is and where you can locate the charging stations will be helpful as you play through the game.  

Here are some of the main attractions that you can find in the Mega Pizzaplex:

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Read with discretion.


There are different animatronics that you will meet as you enter the different areas as discussed above. Browse through them one by one and be ready when you encounter them in game.


  • The only animatronic that will help and assist you
  • Enter his chest plate to move around the area without being caught by the other animatronics
  • Parts can be upgraded which can help you unlock certain endings and collect all collectibles


  • One of the earliest animatronics that you will have to run and hide from
  • She can be seen eating in the dumpster and she specially likes pizza
  • Upgrade part for Freddy: Chica’s sound box
  • You can use the Fazer Blaster or Faz Cam to stun her


  • She has a narcissistic side and tends to talk to other robots
  • Upgrade part for Freddy: Roxy’s eyes. This will let you see moving objects and collectibles past through walls
  • After losing her eyes, Roxy will lunge at you if she hears you make a sound


  • Monty was said to be a replacement for Bonnie
  • Make sure to create a good distance from him since he will jump to get you.
  • Fazer Blaster and Faz Cam won’t be of any use
  • Upgrade for Freddy: Monty’s claws. This will enable you to get to blocked places.


  • You will first encounter him in the Daycare
  • You will have to make distractions by making a mess for you to continue your mission in the area
  • Switches to his alternate personality, Moondrop once the lights are out


  • Sundrop’s alternate personality  
  • He will appear after every hour in game. Your screen will partly turn black and be filled with stars signaling that he’s on the chase
  • To survive, you will need to go inside a recharge station


  • You will encounter these usually at the basements
  • Make sure not to take your eye off these animatronics once they are activated because they will move and kill you once your back’s turned against them


  • An animatronic that only you can see and is not visible to Freddy and the others
  • When Vanny’s close, your screen will glitch
  • Make sure to hide or run away if she’s near


  • These are robots patrolling around the Pizzaplex
  • They will alert the other animatronics of your location once caught
  • You can use the Fazer Blaster or the Faz Cam to momentarily stun them


  • DJMM is first encountered in the DJ booth
  • It will start climbing walls and go through tunnels as you try to turn on the generators
  • It will try to crush and throw things at you


  • You will encounter this as you pass through some vents
  • If you hear music slowly rising in volume while inside a vent, crawl faster
  • It will only chase you until you leave the vent


Throughout the game you will come across gifts containing passes and collectibles. These collectibles include plushies, figures, shirts, masks, posters, pinatas and even upgrades.

Here are the locations of the different collectibles spread all over the Pizzaplex. (This is a work in progress)

Note that it will be easier to hunt for collectibles once you have Roxy’s eye upgrade on Freddy.

Golden Moon Plushy

Capture photos of animatronic cut outs all over the place to open a secret door!

All Golden Plushies

Find all golden colored gift boxes to collect all golden plushies: Golden Freddy, Golden Chica, Golden Roxy, Golden Monty, Golden Sun and Golden Moon!

Upgrades for Gregory

Help yourself (of course, you’re Gregory) to these sweet upgrades to successfully complete the game!

Improve Freddy’s Battery Life

Get all the upgrades to lengthen Freddy’s battery life. This will surely save you the time from going back and forth to the recharge station!

Quest Guides

In your Faz Watch, you will see a list of quests that will guide you to move forward with the game. Here is our quest guides that you can use (This is a work in progress):

Complimentary Pizzaplex Entry Pass

Have access to the main lobby by getting a hold of a pizzaplex entry pass!

Survive the chase as you find the lobby

Left alone, you will need to survive the chase as you find your way into the lobby.

Navigate your way to the Main Lobby

Run and hide from animatronics coming your way as you reach the main lobby.

Get your pass upgraded!

Obtain your pass by hacking the machine with the use of a fridge magnet.

Find a Freddy Photo Pass & Finally release Freddy from his room

Free Freddy from his room using a Freddy Photo Pass.

Getting the Security Badge at the Daycare

Find the security desk and claim the security badge in the Daycare while running away from Sundrop.

Turn on all the generators at the Daycare (using animatronic signs as indicators)

The light is out and you will need to turn on the generators quick to survive.

Escaping the Daycare

Exit the Daycare and immediately search for a recharge station.

Find Freddy in Raceway Sub Lobby

Navigate your way from the Lost and Found and find Freddy.

Reach the Loading Dock

Distract Chica in order to get to the Loading Dock.

Return to Freddy after checking the Loading Dock

Navigate your way in the laundry room filled with security robots to return to Freddy.

Finding the Lift Controls

In the Backstage Office, you will have to find for lift controls to help you escape the room.

Activate the Main Stage

Bring life to the main stage and use it to move forward with your mission.

Get Security Badge from the Warehouse Office

Push a lot of buttons and open doors as you try to claim the security badge while having tons of endoskeletons at your trail.

Get to the Parts and Service

With endoskeletons still at your trail, find your way to the Parts and Service.

Complete Freddy’s maintenance

Follow the instructions as you connect Freddy’s head to his body.

Obtain a Party Pass

Head to Chica’s room to claim a Party Pass.

Get a Fazer Blaster

Use Party Pass to go inside Fazer Blast and obtain a Fazer Blaster.

Get Monty Mystery Mix

Search for the Monty Mystery Mix in Bonnie Bowl.

Lure Chica to the trash compactor

Claim Monty Mystery Mix and use it to lure Chica to the compactor.

Decommission Chica

Defeat Chica and get her voice box.

Find the Faz Camera

Head to Monty Golf and find the Faz Camera.

Stop Roxy

Head to Roxy Raceway. find the kart and the robot head to finally stop Roxy once and for all.

Repair the Robot Head

You found the robot head but its broken. You will need to head to the repair station at the West Arcade.

Defeat Monty

Fill splash buckets as you try to evade and escape from Monty!

Finding the Mazercise Control Key

Head to Daycare Theater and claim the control key for the maze.

Solve the Puzzle in Mazercise

Follow these instructions to solve the puzzle and finally have your way to the vent.

Survive the Emergency Lockdown & Escape the Prize Counter

Try to survive while Freddy turns off the alarm. After successfully doing so, escape the Prize Counter by accessing the elevators.


There is no single path that a player can take while fulfilling the quests stated above. Some quests are even hidden and needs to be done first to unlock a specific ending.

There are 6 different endings that you can get in FNAF Security Breach. Here is an overview of all the endings (this is a work in progress):