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How To Fix God Of War d3d Feature Level 11_1 Error

Another error? Don’t worry we have the right fix!

With the release of God of War on PC, players are enthusiastic about taking part in the journey of Kratos and Atreus. However, there are some errors that players are encountering when they launch the game. Learn how to fix the d3d Feature Level error using this guide.

Fix d3d Feature Level 11_1 Error — God of War

If you are getting this error, they may be an issue with your DirectX. Before we start, you have to go to this link and download the “dxvk-1.9.3.tar.gz” file on the page. You can find it under the Assets drop-down menu.

After downloading the file, click on the Show in Folder tab. Extract the file to a folder and open the folder. Go inside the x64 folder and copy all the files inside the folder. Now, open your steam client and right-click on the God of War game.

Select Properties and go to the Local Files tab. Click on browse and this should lead you to the God of War Game folder. Paste the files inside the Game folder and launch the game.

There you have it, that should get you through the d3d Feature level error!

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