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God Of War: Make Your Way Up The Hammer Guide

Find a way up to the Hammer’s Head! Mind you, there’s a lot of jumping.

The Magic Chisel is one of the story chapters in the God of War. As you make your way into the Hammer’s head, it is up to you and Atreus to bring the hammer down. This guide will show you how you can make your way up the hammer in Hammer’s Head.

Make your way up the hammer — God of War

Once you complete the puzzle and get up to the Hammer Head area, it is time to climb up the hammer and release its strap. Start by going on the wooden platform to your right and jumping over the gap to climb the hammer.

Keep climbing until you reach the glaciers then jump to the golden ledge on the right. Jump again and keep climbing until you reach the opening as shown in the photo above.

Climb in and attack the cover on the other side, dropping it down. Now, climb on the new ledge to your left and jump to the small ledge leading to another opening.

Climb inside again and destroy the second cover, allowing it to drop down. Climb the ledge on the right this time and keep jumping until you reach the top so you can release the strap.

Release the strap and continue on with the Magic Chisel chapter!

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