God Of War: How To Get Out Of The Temple

Clear those branches to pave the way for your exit!

God of War is filled with wonderful puzzles and enemies to defeat. One of the quests in God of War is the “Light of Alfheim” and this requires you to solve a temple puzzle before you can proceed. Here is a guide on how to quickly solve the temple puzzle and continue with the quest.

Get out of the Temple — God of War

You can get the Light Runic attack in the chest in the middle of the temple. After getting the runic attack, throw your ax on the clock, targeting the crystal hanging on the chains.

Get the crystal and climb to the upper level and put the crystal on the socket to your left.

Go to the specific spot as shown above, where you laid down your crystal and aim for the three branches leaning on the wall. You have to aim and destroy all three branches all at once in order for it to be successful.

Once you break all the branches, put the crystal on the other socket to the north. Get the boy to activate the crystal and go to the wall with runes on it.

Help the boy up and the exit to the temple will open.

And there you have it, that is how you solve the temple puzzle and find an exit!

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