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How To Increase FOV In God Of War PC

Take in the world of God of War with a wider vision!

God of War is now out on PC and the graphics are stunning. There are also multiple enemies in the game and having a wider field of vision can help you scout for them. This guide will show you how you can increase the field of vision in God of War.

Increase FOV — God of War

Before you can start to increase your FOV, you need to download the Flawless application first. Download the version appropriate for your windows version and launch the application before launching the game.

This application can also help if you want to play God of War in Ultrawide resolution.

Launch the Flawless Widescreen application and select the God of War plugin. Once you select the plugin make sure that Fix is enabled and aspect fix is ticked.

Underneath this option is the FOV Fine adjustment option. Here you can increase or decrease your FOV depending on how wide you want it to be. You also need to tick the box for FOV Adjustment underneath the individual fixes tab.

Once you are done changing the settings you can launch the game and enjoy God of War in a higher FOV!

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