God Of War’s PC Reliability Issues Are Not Enough To Bring Down Its Positive Rating On Steam

We can all agree that God of War was long awaited to come to our computers and get out from being PS exclusive. But did it meet our expectations or not?

Unfortunately, right after its release, the game was met with some bugs: low FPS, game crashes, inability to play the game in full screen, and others. Honestly, this is not an uncommon experience specially for big games being made available on a different platform.

However, users and critics won’t forgive this, even though we have had the game for 10 days now, we have numerous negative comments.

That’s understandable and justified to some extent because the fans of this game do not regret paying the price of $56 or 50 to experience the game on their PCs and in return they want to have a game that will work without mistakes.

In fact, many of the negative reviews from a lot of users state that they are forced to buy PS5 to play this game because they encounter problems with the PC version.

The main negative points are that since the release of the game on PS4, there is no new content for it; and since it was released for PC, there is no solution for the glitches.

But is everything lost?

Looking on the brighter side, we have no launchers or accounts in the game. The game has great gameplay and interesting fights can be played with a controller, and of course has a fantastic story.

And so, we can not allow the current bugs of a game that just came out for the PC to spoil the impression of the game itself.

God of War is a great game with a great story and gameplay. Combining this with a good configuration for PC will definitely give us a game of high quality and spot on performance!

On Steam, we can read from the most negative to the most positive of comments. On one hand, the game is great and error-free and is well optimized, while on the other hand, it is full of errors, and that those users have given up playing the game on PC.

This however won’t undermine the fact that the game is still positively rated among other things. That’s why my advice for you is to to try the game yourself to see if it is worth playing on a PC.

I do believe you will not regret it.

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