Gray Zone Warfare: Delayed Package Task Guide

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The Gray Zone Warfare experience will have you running around the map completing all sorts of tasks for the various NPCs in the game. You’re a soldier after all, so you’ll need to comply with their orders. One such NPC is Turncoat who will give you the Delayed Package Task at one point. Some players can have issues related to this task, particularly with actually setting up the package. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll be showing you exactly how you can complete all the objectives of this task. Let’s get into it!

Delayed Package Task Guide

Gray Zone Warfare will always throw a variety of tasks at you, and at times you can get stuck in them. Sometimes these tasks will even have you choosing one NPC over the other. Check out our Save the Rebellion guide to see exactly what we’re talking about!

With that done and dusted, we’ll be heading into the Delayed Package Task guide. Here are the series of steps you’ll need to follow to complete this task in Gray Zone Warfare:

  1. Grab the Turncoat’s Box package from the command tent as Base Camp
  2. Go to the Pha Lang Airfield on the Gray Zone Warfare map
  3. Navigate your way to the Remote Hangar and kill enemies
  4. Grab the Hangar 03 (PLA03) Key from one of the enemies
  5. Open the back door of the hangar and go to the front of the plane
  6. Place the package below the front of the plane to complete the task.

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Grab Turncoat’s Box (Package)

Starting off, you’ll need to grab the package that Turncoat wants you to plant later on for the Delayed Package Task. So, go to the command tent and you should find the box there. Simply grab it and now you can proceed to the next objective.

Command Tent in Gray Zone Warfare.

Delayed Package Task Location

Now that you have the package, it is time for the next phase of the Delayed Package Task. You’ll be heading to the correct location. Make your way to the Pha Lang Airfield on the Gray Zone Warfare map. You’ll probably already be tired of going here constantly by now!

Pha Lang Airfield on map in Gray Zone Warfare.

More specifically, you’ll need to go to the Remote Hangar section of the Pha Lang Airfield. Pha Lang basically consists of two hangars: one smaller and one bigger. Both of them are directly across from each other.

So, make your way to the smaller hangar. The exact coordinates of the Remote Hangar in Gray Zone Warfare are the following: (156, 182). Be warned that there are many enemies here. So, be prepared for a fight, which we’ll be touching on next.

Remote Hangar on map in Gray Zone Warfare.

Acquire the Hangar 03 Key (PLA03 Key)

Once you arrive at the Remote Hangar, you’ll see a lot of enemies hanging around. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid these enemies and you’ll need to kill as many enemies as you can in the vicinity for the Delayed Package Task.

The reason for this is so that you can increase your chances of getting the Hangar 03 Key (PLA03). This key has a chance of spawning on enemies in the Remote Hangar area. You will not be able to get the key from anywhere else in Gray Zone Warfare.

Simply search through the pockets of the enemies in the area and you should be able to get your hands on it.

We understand how frustrating it can be to search for keys for many of these tasks. Check out our What Was Left Task Guide to find a key.

Hangar 03 Key (PLA03) in Gray Zone Warfare.

Go To The Back of the Hangar (Unlock Hangar Door)

Once you have the PLA03 Key in Gray Zone Warfare, it’s time to make your way to the back of the hangar. And if you’re confused about which building to go to, we’ve got you covered.

Below is an image of the hangar that you’re interested in. You’ll need to make your way to the back of this building.

Remote Hangar building in Gray Zone Warfare.

When you get to the back, you’ll see a particular door that leads into the inaccessible part of the hangar. It’s shown in the image below.

Back of Hangar in Gray Zone Warfare.

Approach the door and use the PLA03 Key. Once the door unlocks, head inside for the final part of the Delayed Package Task.

Opening PLA03 Door in Gray Zone Warfare.

Plant Package on Plane

Now that you’re in the hangar, look ahead and you’ll see a plane parked there. It has red paint on it. Make your way to the front of this plane and crouch down in front of it. After that, move forward and try to look underneath the plane.

This part can be a bit tricky as the prompt can be wonky. Just move the cursor around and adjust your positioning. Eventually, you’ll see the Place Package option appear. Select this option and you’ll have placed the package there successfully for the Delayed Package Task. Now, all you need to do is return to Turncoat. Hand in the task and you’re done!

Placing Package on plane in Gray Zone Warfare.

That’s everything you need to know about completing the Delayed Package Task in Gray Zone Warfare. There’s still a lot more tasks ahead that you’ll be coming across. Check out our Local Golf Star and Priceless Possessions Tasks Guide. You’ll be able to cross two tasks and even choose between two Vendors in the game.


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