Gray Zone Warfare: Best Endgame Armor Guide

Best armor for your playstyle.

Gray Zone Warfare: Best Endgame Armor Guide

Tactical FPS-shooter game Gray Zone Warfare puts emphasize on the preps, making the best endgame armor a necessary consideration. There’s so much reading and testing necessary for the armors. So, we’ll show you the best armors to run with.

Best Endgame Armor Guide

There are currently 3 main endgame armors and 2 helments to choose from for your loadout. We’ll talk about the specifications, pros, cons, and then why you want to wear these in the game.


For armors, we currently have 3 types to consider for endgame: CZ 4M Lancer, Recon Plate Carrier, and M2 Plate Carrier.

Endgame armor in Gray Zone Warfare.

CZ 4M Lancer (Steel): The Lancer is made of steel. This is the best type of armor to keep you safe from any types of attacks. The steel material shines especially when you realize how often AIs one-tap you. A single bullet to the chest will kill you otherwise. However, it’s very heavy as it’s 9.5kg and prevents you from moving as fast.


  • NIJ Protection Level: III
  • Container Size: 8
  • Weight: 9.550kg

Recon Plate Carrier (UHMWPE): Lightweight-style that protects you while having to move a lot through rough terrains. It gives you better mobility in exchange for less bullet-penetration protection. To be exact, anymore than 3 bullets, you’re gone.


  • NIJ Protection Level: III+
  • Container Size: 9
  • Weight: 5.600kg

M2 Plate Carrier (Ceramic): It’s a balance between steel and UHMWPE for ceramic. The M2 is a balance between mobility and protection. Ceramic’s weakness lies in its inability to protect the same area from bullets more than once.


  • NIJ Protection Level: III+
  • Container Size: 12
  • Weight: 8.300kg

There are several things you need to consider when it comes to picking the armors. Different people and teams play differently on different missions. Some missions rain bullets, some are more stealthy. And some teams just don’t want to be bothered with being medics!

  • Steel armor is great to prevent injuries more than other armors. It’s great if the team hates having to deal with injuries, especially bullet injuries that can take a while to deal with.
  • Steel armor is for you who moves less and land guaranteed kills from a distance.
  • UHMWPE, or PE for short, is for that one guy that likes to be on the move. The upper-hand of moving around is being able to jump in and out of battles. You want to avoid getting hit as much as possible.
  • Ceramic users find balance in both. Though it’s still on the heavy-side, it has complete protection from first bullet. Enough time to react against your opponent, but bad if you’re bombarded by bullets. It’ll crack if shot in the same place more than once.


Endgame helmet in Gray Zone Warfare.

There are two types of helmets for endgame that you can run with: AMP-1 TP MC and EXFIL.

The AMP is 1.630kg and made of Aramid. It is heavier than the EXFIL which is 1.180kg, a UHMWPE helmet. When it comes to protection against headshots, AMP is a better choice. It’s only heavier by .5kg, not much of a difference.

That concludes the endgame armor guide for Gray Zone Warfare. Stay tuned as the Early Access Game might just add more interesting stuff to the roster. For now, check out our other guide for headsets here.


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