Gray Zone Warfare: Artisan’s List II Task Guide

Uncovering the truth behind the UNLRA refugee evacuation!

Gray Zone Warfare: Artisan's List II Task Guide

Gray Zone Warfare is one of those games that provides an immersive first person military experience. It has realistic gameplay with some very stunning graphics. Sometimes it feels like you are not even playing a game but are actually in the field yourself. It is currently in Early Access (on Steam) yet still, a lot of Tarkov players are busy with it right now. This guide will provide you with an explanation of how to complete Artisan’s List II which is a continuation of the original Artisan’s List task. Keep reading to learn more!

Task Guide on Artisan’s List II

The evidence that we uncovered in the original Artisan List revealed that some of the refugees were not allowed to leave. So the main objective of this task is to find out why that is. Which means you will be heading to Tiger Bay once again and looking around for clues. Specifically around the UNLRA Container Dorms. Exact objectives of this task are mentioned below:


  • Retrieve the documents from the UNLRA camp.
    • Locate the list.

Note: As you will be going to Tiger Bay for this, you can also complete the Baked task there. You will be killing two birds with one stone. Check this guide for more details: Gray Zone Warfare: Baked Task Guide.

Getting the Documents

You are probably aware of what you need to do now. Simply take JULIET 1, JULIET 2 or the JULIET 3 landing zone to get to Tiger Bay. Once you are able to land there, make your way to the UNLRA Container Dorms. You need to go to the area that is marked in the image below. The coordinates of that area are 201, 133.

You will find some AI resistance so be wary of that and make sure to load out accordingly.

Location of Tent
Location of the UNLRA Container Dorms Tent marked on the Map.

Once you get to the area (that was marked above), you should come across a blue tent which you can see in the image below. Make your way inside this tent.

Tent where the objective file is located.

In the middle of the tent, you will find a green table. On top of this green table is a yellow file. This file is called Army Orders which is what you need for the task. Go ahead and pick it up. After you do, return to Artisan and hand it over. And this will complete your task.

SIDE NOTE: Check out our List of All Mithras Tasks guide to see how you can complete all of the tasks in the game.

Army Orders
Army Orders.

This is it for this quick guide on Artisan’s List II task, I hope you were able to complete it easily. One of things that you can not skimp out in this game are the weapons. They will literally determine if you will survive a fight or not. Some of the areas in the game are swarming with AI enemies which will force you to have a good loadout. Check this guide for some tips: Gray Zone Warfare: Best Weapon Builds Guide.


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Gray Zone Warfare: Artisan's List Task Guide

Gray Zone Warfare: Artisan’s List Task Guide