Gray Zone Warfare: Neighbourly Help Task Guide

Just a routine checkup this time.

As part of the Gray Zone Warfare experience, you’ll find yourself doing a range of tasks for Gunny – one of the NPCS in the game. As a result, your journey as a soldier will take you all over the map. The Neighbourly Help Task is no different and he’ll give it to you eventually in the game. As part of this task, you’ll have to check on some fuel levels in a specific area. However, some players have had issues with finding the exact gauges, including its location. We’ll look at all of that and more for this task in our guide. Without further delay, let’s get into it!

Neighbourly Help Task Guide

Gunny in Gray Zone Warfare will keep assigning you many tasks. At times, you’ll find yourself stuck at a particular objective and won’t be able to progress. One of these tasks can be the Lost Girl Task, where you’ll have to help him find the whereabouts of a missing girl.

Let’s now turn our attention to the task at hand. Here are the main steps that you’ll need to go through for the Neighbourly Help Task in Gray Zone Warfare:

  1. Go to the Fort Narith area on the Gray Zone Warfare map
  2. Head through the gate on the South East side of Fort Narith
  3. Navigate to the Fuel Storage Area
  4. Check on the fuel levels of x2 fuel pumps to complete the task.

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Neighbourly Help Task Location

The first thing you’ll be doing as a good neighbour is heading to the correct location in Gray Zone Warfare. So, you’ll be making your way to the Fort Narith area for the Neighbourly Help Task.

Fort Narith on map in Gray Zone Warfare.

However, Fort Narith is quite big and crawling with AI enemies. So, more specifically, you’ll be heading to the Fuel Storage Area which is in the South East Section of Fort Narith. The exact coordinates of the area that you’ll be going to for this task are: (126, 145).

You have the option to approach this area from two different LZs provided you have access to them. This is Delta 1 LZ and Lima 1 LZ if you have access to them. We recommend using them as they’re the nearest ones to the task objectives.

Fuel Storage on map in Gray Zone Warfare.

Navigate to Fuel Storage Area

Once you’re at the LZs, make your way to the Fuel Storage area for the Neighbourly Help Task guide. You’ll come across a gate if you’re coming from the South East. Be warned that there are some enemies here. So be prepared for a gun fight when you approach the gate.

If you tend to have trouble taking on enemies it’s likely you don’t have a weapon suited for you. Check out our Best Weapon Builds guide to check out some amazing weapons. And the best part is you can make them with only Level 2 Vendors in Gray Zone Warfare.

Fuel Storage gate in Gray Zone Warfare.

Once you’re through the gate, make your way to the Fuel Storage Area. The general area that you’ll want to see is shown below. You’ll also see two fuel pumps with a small green roof over them. We have them marked below, and you’ll be dealing with them next for this task.

Fuel Pumps in Gray Zone Warfare.

Check Fuel Levels

For the final part of the Neighbourly Help Task, make your way to the fuel pumps indicated above. After that, circle around to the back of them. You should be able to make our two fuel gauges behind each of them. We have both of the fuel gauges shown below.

Fuel Gauges in Gray Zone Warfare.

Simply go up to each fuel gauge and you’ll see the Check Fuel Levels option come up. Select this option and do it for both of the fuel pumps. Doing so will finish the final objective of this task in Gray Zone Warfare. Now, all you need to do is head back to Gunny and hand in the quest to him. You’ve successfully finished the task!

Checking Fuel Levels in Gray Zone Warfare.

That’s everything you need to know about completing the Neighbourly Help Task in Gray Zone Warfare. The tasks will keep on coming and some of them even have multiple parts. For example, there is the Fresh Meat III Task that has three parts in total!


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