Gray Zone Warfare: Artisan’s List Task Guide

Finding the List of refugees!

Gray Zone Warfare: Artisan's List Task Guide

Gray Zone Warfare is an awesome realistic FPS that is military themed. Its Early Access is currently available for you to get from Steam. The game boasts an impressive open world for you to explore. You can also play with your friends through the PvEvP mode. It also has the usual PvE mode if that is what you prefer instead. This guide will tell you how to complete the Artisan’s List task. Keep reading to get it done in a jiffy!

Task Guide on Artisan’s List

The objective of this task is to get a list of refugees so the main agenda behind the evacuation can be understood. For this you will be infiltrating the Tiger Bay area and looking around for the list. Your search will be mainly centered around the UNLRA Refugee Camp. Exact objective of this task are mentioned below:


  • Retrieve a list of evacuees from the UNLRA refugee camp
    • Pick up the list

Note: One task called What Remains also takes place in about the same area. You can also get that done while you are here. Check this guide for more details: Gray Zone Warfare: What Remains Task Guide | Mithras

Getting the List

The first thing you will be doing is heading over to the Tiger Bay area by using JULIET 1, JULIET 2 or the JULIET 3 landing zone. Once you land there, you need to make your way to the UNLRA Refugee Camp. Simply head to the area which is marked in the image below. The coordinates of the area are about 199, 131.

Location of Camp
Location of the UNLRA Refugee Camp marked on the Map.

After you get to the area (marked above), you should be able to see an UNLRA camp. It is mostly colored white with blue on the top. You can see it in the image below. Head inside this camp.

The UNLRA Refugee Camp.

Once you go inside the camp, you will notice a blue file on top of the table in the middle. This file is called List of Evacuees, go ahead and pick it up. Once you do, simply head back to Artisan and hand it over. This will mark your task completed.

SIDE NOTE: Check out our List of All Mithras Tasks guide to see how you can complete all of the tasks in the game.

List of Evacuees.

And this completes this short guide on the Artisan’s List task, I hope it helped you out! After you complete this task, you will get another task from Artisan that is basically the continuation of this task. It will also take place in Tiger Bay. If you want to get that done as well then check out this guide: Artisan’s List II Task Guide.

Other than that, If you are one of those players who like to wing it solo then you will find the game a bit difficult at times. Because you will be facing a lot of AI enemies in some areas. Which is why I suggest you check out this guide for some tips: Gray Zone Warfare: How to Play Solo Guide.


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